Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Love Letter For My Son Rafael

My dear Rafael,

Just writing those words brings tears to my eyes. You are the fulfillment of my greatest wish, and I thank God for you several times each day.

When you are asleep, I miss you. When you smile, I smile with you.

I want your life to be full of love and happiness. I hope we can give you a childhood that is carefree, fun, and full of magic and wonder as the best of childhoods are.

I want you to feel special. I want you to feel that our love for you is strong and very real every day of your life.

You are going through so many changes. You are growing, your first tooth is poking through, your eyes are all colors at once, gray green blue brown, and your hair is getting longer and making you look like a big boy. When I look at old photos, it amazes me how you are transforming before my eyes. I feel so fortunate to be able to accompany you throughout these days, months, and years.

You think I am funny, and that makes me so happy. You need me more than you need anyone else, and I am aware that this is a big responsibility, as well as a great honor.

I've been looking back on our first few months together lately, and also remembering your birth, and remembering feeling you move and grow inside of me. We are so close, you and I. We are so bound to one another. I love being 'you and me.' I love being with you!

My handsome, funny boy: I pray you will always know and feel how much your father and I love you.

Love always,

Your Mom.


  1. Beautiful, as you and your family are!

  2. The second picture is the most adorable picture, simply perfect. I don't have children of my own yet, but I helped raise my niece after her father died before she was born. I was a teenager when she was born and we are very, very close. I feel like she is my daughter. It is a love that is so great, it hurts. She tells me that she doesn't want me to have any children because they will be "like your real kids, Auntie". I tell her that no one can ever replace her.

    Your letter is beautiful and someday Raffi will cherish it.


  3. Beautiful!! Rafael is darling! My sweet "baby" boys are now almost 38, and 18! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following! So nice to "meet" you!
    Anne ♥♥

  4. Your letter is sooooo beautiful,but I am sure that all the things you tell Rafael, he alreadyknows in his heart!
    Mamma Carla

  5. Oh dear,this letter is wonderful. I'm really touched the unconditional love of a parent is the greatest thing in the world!It's beautiful what you wrote for your child ... he will be proud to have parents who love him so much.Your words simple and profoun I came straight to the heart ...Your soul is so sweet and pure!

  6. This made me tear up. I feel like I could have written every word to my son (who is five months old). It was so incredibly beautiful and everything that I can't put into words near as well as you have.



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