Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Friend's Farmhouse

Look who's waddling around all cute and fluffy! My friend has a duck couple, and recently their ducklings hatched. They are the most adorable little creatures, and sure do stick to their mama's side, especially when dogs are around.

Their mother is extremely protective, which I can appreciate. When Kiki got to close to the chicken wire fencing she hissed and flapped her wings menacingly. Her last nest of eggs were stolen by wild animals, so it's understandable that she is very cautious with her little ones.

You know fall is nearing when the first apples lay strewn in the clover. These are crunchy and sour, perfect for sauce and pies.

The wooden barn out back; isn't it charming in the sunshine? It looks beautiful in winter, too, like a stoic landmark.

It was a nice midday visit with my friend, sitting outside at a wobbly table, drinking water with elderberry syrup and ice cubes, watching Kiki gnaw on sticks and her husband prune bushes. I love their piece of land, although I am reminded every time I visit how much work it is. I keep begging her to get some chickens so I can buy fresh eggs from her. I think I'm slowly wearing her down!


  1. Ahh the ducklings are too cute! Are these the same Muscovy ducks that you helped your friend build a coop/run for on your JO blog? One day Nathan really wants to have chickens and I really want to have ducks, so I think we will have to have both! xx

  2. Yes! They had babies. And they are 100x cuter in person.
    I was just discussing chickens with my friend today, and I looked online to see which kinds lay pretty eggs. The most beautiful dark brown eggs come from French Marans, and Araucanas lay greenish blue ones. Look at this gorgeous picture:
    One day we'll have our chickens!

  3. HI guys...Duck eggs are really really tasty too...and bigger...good for baking too.
    So, yes, having both can work well.
    The bluish eggs are my favorits, they are a bit smaller and taste nutty and bright.

  4. I had ducks while growing up. I would so love to have few now for my kiddos.

  5. Ahh that is so lovely to hear that they had babies :) A little controversial I know, but I do not like to eat eggs, but for baking and cooking they are heaven sent and I would be content with hens or ducks eggs as they are all fabulous. Nathan loves eggs so I treat him with lots of different ones, at the moment he is into quails eggs with blinis to snack on watching the tv! xx



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