Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Madness...UGH.

It's one of those Mondays where my datebook is looking incredibly jampacked and intimidating...especially all those PHONE CALLS, which I really hate making. Explaining things in German, understanding things in German...Yeeesh. 
I just got back from an adventurous walk with the dogs and already I'm fit for a nap. Nope. Gotta eat something, make the calls, get dressed in something relatively presentable and make my rounds about the village, including watering my friend Gerit's plants. When I said yes to that, I was expecting a ficus and maybe a fern. Turns out she has about a million plants in and outside of her home. It was too late to turn back. Now I am stuck spending a half hour watering her plants until she returns form Croatia. When? "Oh, sometime before September. I'll call you when I know."
Leave it up to Monday to get me all pessimistic and sarcastic. 
My apologies.
How do you all tackle a day full of things you'd rather ignore? All those things that make you say, "Oh ya, I'm a grown up. When did that happen? And is there ever a vacation from it?"
On to more positive things, Angelo's birthday party was fun and relaxed, he loved all his gifts, especially the playhouse where he was constantly opening and shutting the door, completely fascinated. His father taught him how to say 'Ciao, bella!' and it's the most adorable thing coming from a 2 year old. Watching him lick a popsicle brought flash backs of my own childhood, ice cream slowly oozing down my wrist and arm because I couldn't eat it fast enough. It all goes by so amazingly fast. But then, we have the gift of reliving it by watching other children.
Oh! I am having fun trying out things in photoshop and made a little logo, a 'cg' for Country Girl. Me likey!


  1. You should post about the village! I would LOVE to see more of Austria...

    Ahhh, the grown-up to-do lists. I, too, am trying to get used to those.

  2. It's a manic Monday here, too. How do I handle it? I 'dive' into it as soon as get up. If I take some time to have coffee and read, ...forget about it! I have my coffee while putting things away and have the laptop on for little blogging breaks. Of course I find time for my boy as well - 5 mins here, 10 mins there.....

  3. Oh Dawn you poor thing, sometimes nothing can prepare you for manic Mondays, you just have to jump straight in and hopefully more and more things can be crossed off the list. Oh that is my top tip, make a comprehensive list and even list your things to do in chronological order if need be as this can steer you in the right direction even if you get distracted. I am sure that you have your list whittled down in no time. Also there was something lovely to do on your list...Make reservations for Ramon's birthday! That is something to enjoy doing :)

    Glad Angelo had a lovely birthday and he enjoyed his playhouse



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