Friday, August 14, 2009

Beautiful Bountiful Farmer's Market!

*Gasp!* PUMPKINS! Pumpkins gaLORE! I could hardly contain my delight when I arrived at the weekly farmer's market and saw these rotund beauties. This post could actually also have the tag 'you make my heart sing,' because pumpkins surely do. So cheerful, so bright, and so absolutely unexpected. I could have kissed the old farmer! 

Here you can see some more of the glorious bounty. I packed a crate full of good organic things. Beets, potatoes, rosy apples (those were a surprise too! everything seems to be a little early this year), onions in golden papery skins, and ofcourse, PUMPKINS. They deserve their own post label, actually. Yes, Pumpkins are a class of their own. One of my favorite words, and the welcome commitee for my absolute favorite season: AUTUMN.

Here are a couple of shots of my neighboring village where the farmer's market lines up in the town center every Friday. Today was especially beautiful; the sun shone, people were in a somewhat festive and friendly mood, and everything looked so fresh. How lucky we are to have so much. So much of all these delicious and pretty vegetables and fruits.

Here you see the village church with it's charming tower; in fall it looks even more beautiful, shrouded by trees of gold and red.

And here is a little bit of what I brought home. My heart jumps everytime I glance at the counter top and see my orange jewels. Autumn isn't far off now! 


  1. WONDERFUL pumpkins!! I love them and grow many varieties, but also splurge at our local pumpkin patch in Cambria, California.

    I live in San Luis Obispo, California and on an island in Maine. Sue and I are old pals from many years past and we found out that we're related. We also love Joe Hall.

    I'll visit your blog regularly now. I am still trying to learn how to follow etc. Isn't it wonderful to get a glimpse into another life???

    Pumpkin blessings to you.

    Sharon Lovejoy

  2. Don't you just love autumn? Farmer's markets, crisp apples, glowing pumpkins and jewelled coloured leaves?
    It's +30 degrees here in Southern Ontario and at this point I am just dying for fall to come around! My favourite time of year as well!

  3. Pumpkins are just gorgeous! It is a lovely shot of their glorious colour and shapes!



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