Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keeping Our Marriage Fresh With Laughter And Love

It's a cool, misty Sunday morning and I'm writing in my pajamas in bed. Kiki is snoring at my feet, the rooster from accross the street is crowing his morning greeting every few minutes, and my husband is under the shower, getting ready to go to the office for a few hours. Yes, that's right, he's going to the office on a Sunday. Last weekend he was gone all-together. He's an incredibly hard-working man, built his film company from the ground up, and doesn't have much time to relax at home with his wife and dog. But when he does it feels like a sweet luxury.
Yesterday he was home all day, for what most of my readers know we call our WE-kend, because it's all about us. Rarely do we invite anyone else to join in on our special time together. Mostly we take long hikes, enjoy good food, wrestle around with Kiki, and spend alot of time watching movies, talking, and especially laughing. Something which has kept our love fresh for over ten years now is our tendency to make eachother laugh. His father once commented that, when Ramon and I spent our first summer together, holed up in his parent's converted garage, the only sign anyone was there was the ringing laughter that sounded throughout the day. It's true, humor has been our best friend, and hopefully always will be, come what may.
Another thing we try to do is spoil one another. We are both always looking for ways to make eachother feel special. I try to cook meals I think he'll love, knowing his long hours at the office are often empty of nutritious and delicious food, and I also give him as many back rubs and encouraging words as I can. He supports me in my creative endeavors, gives me everything I really want or need, and assures me again and again that he is here for me with all the strength and love he can muster. 
I believe that as long as we keep our sense of humor and our desire to please one another going strong, we will be blessed to share many happy years together.


  1. Here here Dawn, as you know I am in a similar situation and I agree that the time we do share with our loved ones has to be so very special - live, laugh, love. These are the things that memories are made of xx

  2. Oh Dawn...I loved that...John and I have been married for 28 children except of the 4 legged nature..and we too have been through good and bad, highs and lows, births and

    John works alot too. I have never worked outside the home..except for when we were first married I was Sharon's first employee at her shop Hearts Ease in Cambria. And I LOVED IT ! All antiques from New England that she would bring back. I learned so much from her about decorating a new england style house..not a california house...

    As for the "We" end..I love that too.
    Yesterday afternoon around 4, Buddy was I loaded him up and we took a ride up See Canyon to get more of the burgundy apples.(I'll try to get pictures for you of those apples). It was dark and cloudy and the winds started blowing and leaves were falling..and just as the lady was bagging my apples.....rain..pounding down on the little tin roof..I could FEEL Halloween Eve.

    We came home and John got home and we built a fire in the woodstove..and went and stood outside having a glass of wine and watching and smelling our woodsmoke curl around the big pine tree that stands at the foot of our door.
    Then we came inside, lite pumpkin spice candles and rolled out our pizza dough I made a couple of days ago and made pizza.

    This morning I got out my cast iron skillet and fried up some ham and made john pancakes with vermont maple syrup ...and blackberries I got at Gopher Glen.

    I am feeling an apple pie making session coming on this afternoon......

    If the breakfast pictures turn out I'll post them...
    Best to you and Kiki
    More later.
    kary and Buddy

  3. Just found your blog...Ill be back. I have a black and tan king charles spaniel named Harper.Figtreeapps

  4. I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for 23 years now, together 27! I totally believe that laughter is whats kept us together and the fact that when he enters a room I still get butterflies and before sex I get all nervous and shaky, like its the first time all over again. I adore him and I hope he feels the same way about me. :-)

  5. Ditto to all of the above! We've been married for almost 32 years...We're each other's best friend....laughter, communication, and loving each other in spite of, well, ourselves:)....We have FUN together, and we HaNg On during the tough times.....!

  6. Ladies, I've loved reading about your relationships; in these times when men and women are pitted against eachother in all the sitcoms and soaps, it's mighty refreshing to hear other women stand up and proclaim their love for their men!
    To me, marriage feels like being on a team, and I can think of no better teammate for me than my husband.
    Thank you all for sharing.

  7. Just found this entry - seemed to miss it...I'm not married but I've been with my boy for almost five years - my longest relationship and I completely agree - laughter is the key. I think we would never have survived without it. xxx



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