Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spoiling My Husband Who Spoils Me

Above you see a lovely flower shop located in the charming town of Falmouth, MA, where my husband and I will be vacationing this fall. What you need to know about my husband is that he is an incredibly hard worker, every penny he has is a penny he has earned, and this will be his only vacation of the year. Naturally, I am doing my best to plan a trip which will be relaxing and unforgettable. I decided to take it upon myself to do some secret planning. I thought, 'What would make me feel special and cared for after a long trip?' Fresh, fragrant flowers, addressed to me!

So, I got in touch with Lawrence Gardens and ordered the bouquet you see above to be delivered to our room at the Inn the day before we arrive. It will come with a card that says For the best husband in the world. Thank you. For EVERYthing. Love Always, Your Wife. That ought to erase at least some of the jetlag and travel exhaustion!
So, that takes care of the 'making him feel special' part. But what about relaxation? 
I searched the internet and found a day spa that offers hour-long deep tissue massages. The owner on the phone was very friendly and accomodating. I scheduled a massage for my dear husband at 11:00, knowing he likes to enjoy a leisure breakfast and then maybe a walk on the beach, and that by noon he's ready for lunch. Yes, our vacation schedules revolve predominantly around FOOD! 

I thought I would give you a little peek at the Inn where we will be staying. The owners, Howard and Janet, have already been so friendly and helpful, and I love the way their description of what the Inn has to offer: "Each guest room is well appointed with a comfortable queen-size bed, loads of pillows, a clock radio, a cable television, ceiling fan, window air conditioner, wireless Internet, ironing board, robes and lots of fluffy towels, French milled soaps and fine toiletries; as well as a large basket of beach towels. A bountiful, sumptuous, full breakfast is available each morning between the hours of 8:30- 11 AM; breakfast may be enjoyed where ever the mood takes the dining room with us, on your deck or in your guest room; or on the beach; it's up to you." 
The reviews I read on tripadvisor are phenomenal. The first 8 nights we will be staying in the Quisset Harbour, the remaining 2 nights in the Grand Harbour room. I am so looking forward to this trip, and hope with all my heart that it will be a memorable and highly enjoyable stay. Especially for my husband, who deserves it so much.


  1. Wow sounds like this is going to be one holiday to remember -your husband is lucky to have such a thoughful wife! xxx

  2. I'm definitely the lucky one! I owe so much to him. I hope you're right, I hope this will be a beautiful time.

  3. You're lucky to have one another and good for you for acknowledging what he's done and doing all year round for your little family. I love going to spas when I'm on holiday. I almost can't wait for you to go and come back and tell us how it was!

  4. Such a lovely idea Dawn. I am sure this holiday will be as perfect as you and Ramon are together xx

  5. Oops forgot to say that the bouquet you have chosen is beautiful. I had a look at their bouquets and I could not choose, as they are all so pretty! xx



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