Saturday, August 15, 2009

hot chocolate hangover

Is it possible to have a hot chocolate hangover? As you all know, my husband is away on business until Sunday, and I seem incapable of cooking dinner just for myself. Last night's supper consisted of salted nuts, graham crackers, and a huge cup of hot chocolate. Yum, right? But this morning when I dragged myself out of bed (oh ya, I can't fall asleep at a reasonable hour without my husband either, so I was up until 2:30 searching google images for pretty pictures), and came into the living room, I saw the remnants of the night before, and felt how someone who partied the whole night through must feel when they see the empty wine bottles the next day: UUUGGH. 
So today I'm going to make myself a soup. It's great actually, my husband HATES soup with a passion, and I love soup, so I am going to take my chance now while he's gone a stir up a nice pot. Although, I can't promise there won't be hot chocolate again. I'm hoping the soup cancels out the hot chocolate hangover.


  1. Hi Dawn...that hot chocolate cup looks like a susie branch to me.... if you like susie's things you might really like my girlfriend Julie Whitmore's pottery. I have so much of it, but it is so darling. She is on ETSY. Julie Whitmore Pottery. Actually, Sharon is the one who got her started.

    It looks like you live in New England, but your profile says Austria..that doesn't sound right....

    And lastly, soup talk..I am dying to make some french onion soup...what kind are you going to make?

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Kary and Butterscotch

  2. You are half way around the world.How neat is this blog world that you can find a kindred spirit that far away...
    You're cup is adorable. It really reminded me of Susie's stuff. Susie lives about 15 minutes away from me through the vineyards of Edna Valley. Are you familiar with California at all? Where were you from in the U.S.?

    Can't wait to see your soup...and Jamie Oliver..I LIVE for him. YES ! that is my favorite show..that one of him in that incredible garden..and the way he cooks...makes my heart sing too....Makes my world....

    Can't wait to see your soup..sounds delicious.

    Butterscotch was tired after the birthday party here too. I have a 3 year old neice. You know how that goes......

    Happy Soup Making.....

    Best to you and Kiki,
    Kary and Butterscotch
    p.s. I hope you find'll like her.

  3. Thanks Dawn...I'll check it out....sounds right up my alley......

    Kary and Butterscotch


  4. Oh Yea..I know Bolinas...I am from Los Gatos,CA..right by San Jose. I have family in Danville and in San Anselmo....

    Talk about "small world"..... Do you know San Luis Obispo. Half way between L.A. and S.F.?

    I'll check tomorrow on your soup, it's night where you are..noon here..

    more later

  5. How can your husband hate soup? It is food for the soul! I LOVE SOUP - it is one of my passions! Well, at least that is one positive you have whilst your hubby is away! Let us know what sort of soup you make! xxx

  6. I have had many a chocolate hangover! Soup will definitely cancel it out xx

  7. hahahahahangover...thats funny.
    AND yes, soup ought to do you good.

    I think that he might like beef broth in which you cook the Tafelspitz, with the marrow's clear and you can put an egg in it?

    Or maybe we can try a sea food bouillabaisse type? I am still hoping that one day he'll eat soup because I love it so much too:)..

    Back to hot chocolate...sounds great to me!
    You probably felt the sugar and the cookies more than the hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is actually quite opinion.


  8. Hi Dawn. I ventured upon your blog after googling "Has anyone ever had a chocolate hangover?" -- since having 1 95g Green & Blacks 70% Chocolate bar for 2 days in a row.

    What an experience! I felt terrific for 4 hours after consuming the bar, but the next morning was worse than any booze hangover I can remember ever having. I was amazed by the mood swings, headaches, and the very obvious depression that came over me--unlike any sort of "blues" I've ever experienced.

    So today, I have eaten 50g of an 85% Green & Blacks dark chocolate bar - hoping to circumvent the chocolate hangover tomorrow.

    I doubt I'll EVER have over 50g of chocolate a day ever again. As Dirty Harry says: "A man's gotta know his limitations."

    Your hot chocolate cup is lovely, btw! That sounds so good right now - but alas - will wait until another day to enjoy that indulgence! ;)

  9. I LOVE the eggs you painted----so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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