Tuesday, August 11, 2009

me and my pajamas

Awoke to the sound of rain pattering down on the window and my husband in the shower; shut my eyes again for a few seconds; enjoyed the warmth of the comforter and Kiki's body curled up in the crook of my knees; thought of warm Caro with milk; got out of bed and put the kettle on; mixed up a nice, hot, frothy cuppa...

...eased into the plump white sofa chair; felt the comfy fabric of my Susan Branch pajamas against my skin; thought 'what a lovely feeling, what a lovely morning;'

...thought how you might like to see the cute design on the pajama top...

...and the cute stripes on the pajama pants; thought i should mention that susan comes out with pajamas once or twice a year, and then they are sold out within a matter of days; thought about how happy i was when my mother gave this set to me for christmas a few years ago...

...am watching a fine rain over the trees and houses outside the window, and wondering what butterflies and bees do when it rains; am feeling cozy and comfortable, and wishing you all a pleasant Tuesday.


  1. What is Caro? Aw...I'm jealous - what do you do for a living? All these bloggers look like they are always chilling out! xxx

  2. Caro, yum! That's a delicious drink that tastes a bit like coffee but doesn't have any caffeine. Here's a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caro_Instant_Beverage
    And yep, you caught me, I'm a lucky stay-at-home-wife.

  3. I learned something new! I knew nothing of Caro. It sounds really good for the bod.

  4. Sounds like perfection Dawn! The jammies are very cute:)Thanks to your introduction I am head over heels in love with Susan Branch so I think I may have to buy some xx



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