Monday, August 17, 2009

Dream Home nr 1

This series could also be called 'Heck Ya, I'd Like To Live There!' While my husband was away and I had sleepless nights, I perused google images for beautiful farmhouses, and will share my favorites with you once in a while. 
Just LOOK at this beauty from Virginia! Can't you just imagine lazy evenings on the porch? Watching fireflies and counting stars? Raking leaves into a leaf pile and plopping into it? Lining the front steps with pumpkins? I know I can.


  1. I would gladly live in this farmhouse as well!

    Thanks for posting some pics of your village (a few posts ago, but I just now read it). It's SO cute. Love the church.

  2. Thank you! It's a little early, but I couldn't help it, and since there were pumpkins at the farmer's market it seemed legit. I'm considering changing the banner monthly now. We'll see!

  3. Lazing around after a whole day of cleaning thethang? Hahhaha...just kiddin', yes, it's gorgeous and always good to know what you want.

    As your God father Bob said yesterday in Bolinas, be careful for what you wish, you'll get it and at what his soul, he said, he is an old Native American Indian, so he warns for asking too big, too much, it might come at too big of a price.

    May you always have what you need and what you wish for that makes you happy and joyful to be around.

  4. Hey sweetie!
    Just came back and saw all the lovely changes you've made to your blog.
    I need to catch up with what happened the past ten days and will be back with comments.
    Love, love, love your houses! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the new banner! You are so up my street there! I used to live in a house like the one above when I was younger - tis my dream to live in one again! xxx

  6. Oh heart MELTED..literally melted when I saw that farmhouse..WHAT A DREAM ! MY DREAM...oh, and with pumpkins on the made me SO happy with that....I am floating with happiness....I LIVE for that kinda stuff....farmhouses and pumpkins and fall leaves...and your new banner is a winner..LOVE ALL OF IT...
    how was the soup?

    I'll check back tomorrow cause you just MAKE ME HAPPY !!!!

  7. Lovely and I am there jumping into the leaves with delight!

  8. Oh boy, do I ever love your 'dream home' series! What is it about homes like that? I think why the connect with us is because they bring to mind the simple, meaningful things in life... the peaceful things. Things like a happy family, children, good food, warmth, love. This farmhouse in this post, I used to live near a very similar looking house. When I would take a walk, I enjoyed looking at it. That dream house was in Missouri (United States) and was on the bluffs overlooking a river. Whew... thanks for making my day peaceful.

  9. I'm looking for a house in Virginia....would you give me some info on the house you posted on your blog?
    I'm a neww your blog!
    Becca :)



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