Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kiki Update

Kiki is holding up. Very tired and hardly any appetite, but she's a trooper and will be better soon. She is getting homeopathic globulis for her sore throat and runny nose, and little wafers which strengthen the immune system. She didn't want to take a walk this morning, but she did feverishly dig a hole for about ten minutes, which gave me some peace of mind. The vet said to take it slowly, no strenuous walks, and avoid the hottest times of the day outside. 
Thank you all for your well wishes, Kiki and I appreciate them!


  1. Hi Dawn and Kiki..she looks very content there on that darling chair... she is a lucky girl to have such a good mommy....

    Take Care,
    Kary and Buddy

  2. Awww... she needs a doggie popsicle for that soar throat!

  3. Kiki is just adorable. I hope she feels as good as new very soon. I have a little chihuahua who was sick a few months ago. It is sad to see them feel bad.

  4. Ahh I am so glad that Kiki is feeling better, she has been in my thoughts. Please give her a big cuddle and kiss from me xx



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