Thursday, August 27, 2009

sweetest little mountain home!

did you ever see such a thing? i could hardly believe my eyes when i saw this little cottage overlooking the lake and the mountains; it looked like it could be a hobbit home! what a dream come true


  1. You have such an eye for beauty! Keep 'em coming! I feel like I just got back from vacation after looking at all of those...

  2. oh, Dawn I live for houses like this. It reminds me of Deetjens Big Sur Inn..have you ever been there? darling..with a capital "D"

    They have a web site..You'll LOVE it !

    it is about 110 degress here in SLO!
    i just ran cold water over Buddy...

    I'll check for more later
    Glad your back home.
    Kary and Buddy

  3. Beautiful...would it wrong for me to say it would be even better painted white?! I simply adore white wooden houses :)

  4. Wonderful pictures , Dawn !

    W - O - N - D - E - R - F - U - L ! ! !

  5. This little house has the best location ever!



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