Friday, August 7, 2009

say it with flowers!

It's my husband's 31st birthday tomorrow and I've been beautifying our home with flowers. His family is coming over to celebrate and I would like the apartment to be filled with blossoms; I am a firm believer that flowers can make any room more beautiful and special. Luckily the lady who runs the near-by flower shop was nice enough to drive me home with all these bouquets and outdoor plants like mums and geraniums; the balcony was looking very barren and sad after the storms we've been having and so I loaded up on potted plants. They aren't pictured here, maybe another time. 

The above bouquet is on the coffee table, an interesting mix of mainly pink roses, eucalyptus, and blackberries. 

This potted plant, which looks between a hyacinth and a narcissus, has a faint, sweet fragrance, and I love it's simple white and green. I put it in front of a mirror; double the beauty!

OK, these are my favorites and my go-to flower when I want an elegant celebratory look paired with outstanding, gorgeous scent: lilies! One of the buds is opening and the already the whole kitchen is sparkling with its amazing perfume. My mother's favorite flowers are stargazer lilies (I think of her every time I see them) and mine are the white lilies. 

For the center of the dining table I chose oversized green hydrangeas, which are so big that they look like pom-poms! I cut them relatively short so people can see each other from accross the table. They are so simple and understated, and can be kept for many years when dried. 
I am looking forward to this evening when Ramon comes home to all these pretty blossoms. They've prettied up the place for sure!
In the meantime, I have loads of shopping, chopping, baking, and preparing to do.


  1. Ahhh, "Star of Bethlehem", the white star flower with the fragrance...

    Sooo beautiful, you intention and success, at making a home for your family.

    Hey, I found jeans for Ramon (CK) and am waiting for the UW gear to come in to send the birthday package.

    I'll call in on his line to wish him Happy Birthday...if it's easy, maybe you can sing with me? :)

  2. The house must smell gorgeous too! Is your husband a big flower lover? I think it is nice - some men pretend to be too macho for these things! xxx

  3. Your place looks amazing! Really, I was trying to decide which flower arrangement I like best but I couldn't; I can imagine the smell!
    Happy Birthday to your lovely husband! Enjoy yourselves!(it's already midnight here)

  4. They all look beautiful Dawn, and I can smell them from here! A big happy birthday to Ramon from me xx



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