Monday, August 24, 2009

Trip To Wolfgangsee

Wolfgangsee (Wolfgang Lake) is situated near the famous Austrian city Salzburg in an area called the Salzkammergut; my husband will be shooting a reality show there for the next week, and because it's such a beautiful place and I've never been, he invited me and my girlfriend Maria (and lil' Kiki!) to come visit for a few days. The cameraman's girlfriend Charlene is also coming along, so while the guys are working, we'll be hiking, enjoying the spa, and taking in the gorgeous sights. In the evenings we'll meet up with the boys for dinner. 
Maria and I are only staying from Tuesday until Thursday, a mini vacation, but a vacation all the same. I am very excited, and so happy that I will be seeing some more of this beautiful country which I call home. I may end up taking the laptop with me and blogging from our hotel, Weisses Rössel, but just in case I decide not to, I thought I would share the photos above so you have an idea where Country Girl will be the next few days! One thing I KNOW I'll have with me is my camera, you can depend on that. I hope to share with you all just how amazing Austria is.
On another note, I want to thank you all for the stories you shared about your own relationships. I find it so refreshing and endearing to hear positive accounts from women who love and adore their men. In pop-culture there seems to be a battle of the sexes, each habitually putting the other down. I think one of the most beautiful things is when a man and woman (or any two individuals, really) pair up to make a loyal, supportive team. So thanks again for sharing, your stories were heart warming.


  1. You do live in paradise! Have fun and come back with lots of images. (how about a slide show added as a gadget?)

  2. Beautiful photos - gosh, if I knew that was near Salzburg I'd have gone there when I visited a few years it was I did love the area - we went to Bavaria and that was simply breath-taking, that whole area of the world is...lucky you! Maybe I should visit some day for white pumpkins - wow! They are like little ghosts! You learn something everyday...why do I love pumpkins so? I don't know...I guess it is the association they have with my childhood and the place I used to live and of course, my favourite holiday and time of year!! Have a wicked trip and make sure you delight us with more photos! xxx

  3. Have a wonderful time at this beautiful place - well, I don't need to send many good wishes because OF COURSE you will!

  4. Your beautiful photos have inspired me to take a trip to Austria! I stumbled across your blog and really enjoy it:). I live in New England and I too love farmhouses & fall (probably the reasons for me living here:)). Have an enjoyable vacation! I look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing of the trip.

  5. Mozart's Girl/RachelAugust 24, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    I've been to St Wolfgang a few times - it's wonderful to sit by that enormous beautiful lake and just drink it all in. The whole Salzkammergut is fantastic - I love St Gilgen especally. Have a great break, I can't wait to see the pictures!



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