Sunday, August 30, 2009

dream home nr 8

What a beautiful, sunny home, with it's white framed windows, simple fence, and towering trees surrounding it. I also love the piece which is built it a studio? A guest room? A summer kitchen? A washroom? I have always loved the idea of having a washroom where you do laundry, store detergent, iron and fold; a room that is full of the fragrance of ironing water and fresh laundry.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend; it's a crisp but sunny day here, and you can really feel the approach of autumn in the air. 


  1. Another lovely house! I love the idea of a washroom. Makes laundry and ironing more fun and you keep the rest of the house tidy. I just now unplugged the iron and am catching my breath before I put everything away. My bedroom is like a minefield!

  2. Yes, another lovely house - my sister used to spend a lot of time looking at houses on estate websites - now I do too - ah we can dream!!!



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