Tuesday, August 4, 2009

rainy days call for tea

Aaaaahhhh, rainy days! One of my favorite things. Especially after all that groggy, steamy weather we've been having. We were awoken in the night by the sounds of rain beating on the skylight, and it was a most beautiful, refreshing sound!

I was happy to slip into a sweater and take out my beloved polka-heart cup which I painted at an arts & crafts store a few years back. Maybe one day I'll make a whole set!

It was alot of fun to make. The hearts came out a bit darker than I expected, but it's cute just the same. I was really into the 'running-stitch' look at that time (still am actually!) and painted it onto the handle and bottom of the cup, as well as onto the cup-nook of the tea plate. Around the rim of the tea plate I wrote Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows, and Cinnamon Toast & Tea. My favorite things when the 'weather outside is frightful.'

The finishing touch was inspired by a cup my best childhood friend had when we were little. I remember drinking to the bottom of my juice and suddenly there was a little frog looking up at me! It was, of course, a decorative ceramic frog, but I was delighted and hoped to have such a cup one day. I made my own version by writing a little wish at the bottom of my cup: '...More Please!' 

Emma Bridgewater, look out!

On another note, I've soaked my dried peas and am all set to make a nice, fragrant, nourishing pot of split pea soup. It'll be my first time making it, I'll let you all know if the recipe is any good.
Have a lovely day ladies, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! I love your handwriting too - you must have one steady hand! xxx

  2. Dawn, your cup is beautiful! I wish I had known you years ago and I could have badgered you to make one for me too! So charming, cute and pretty xx

  3. Ahhh...Rainy days, a good book, a nap, and a cup of nice hot tea (with a tad of milk and a spoonful of sugar...and, of course, in your very favorite cup....Aaahhh...I could almost forget how hot it really is outside and feel the chill of winter:)

    By the way..........LOve the picture of the rain on the window....or skylight? Beautiful!

  4. What a lovely way to enjoy a rainy day! I love the cup. Please send some rain over here; I'll choose a nice mug for tea if you do, I promise!

  5. You should make these and sell them on etsy! I would buy a set. I think its very cute!



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