Thursday, July 18, 2013

High Summer

One of the many things that has changed since I had Rafael is, I actually enjoy and appreciate Summer. Up until now, it has always felt too hot and sticky, and I would spend the summer months yearning for autumn. Now I am grateful for days where he can run around barefoot, and where you don't have to make any special plans in particular. You just open the back door and your son will run out into the garden, and be content for hours on end just playing outside under the blue summer sky.

Today I took Raffi down to the river that curls through our town. We found a shallow spot with lots of rocks to toss into the water. While Rafael threw stones, I snapped photos and found a little boat someone had made out of bark and leaves. There was birdsong, and the sounds of children playing and dogs barking in the distance. I was filled with a deep sense of calm and contentedness watching Rafael laugh and play with the only things a little kid really needs to be happy: sticks, water, stones, and mud. 

Whenever I take photographs of Rafael, I am aware that these are time capsuls. I am capturing moments so fleeting, and so precious. 

One of the things Raffi loves to do at the end of the day, when he's in the bath, is tell me what's in his belly. I'll say, "Oh my goodness, look at that big round belly! What's in it?" And then he recalls everything he ate that day. "Pancakes. And bluebellos (his word for blueberries). And...what else? Pretzels. And himbellos (his word for raspberries). And....what else? Ice cream." He has an incredible memory and gives me quite a detailed list.

Lately he plays so wonderfully on his own. Either in his room, where he looks very carefully at books or empties his basket of cars one automobile at a time; or in the garden, where he takes his tiny watering can from plant to plant, or fills his red wagon with stones. I can clean and cook in peace, and every few minutes I tiptoe to wherever he is, and check up on him, trying not to distract or disturb him. One of my favorite things is when he is completely immersed in a book, with a wrinkled brow and pouted mouth. 

He has been sleeping in his own room since we returned from vacation, in his little white bed with the cowboy blanket and teddy bear. He's growing up so fast.

Wishing you cloudless, magical summer days.



  1. He is growing so fast and is his own sweet little person. This was a lovely post.


  2. a lovely update for your lovely boy. Such beautiful photos of your neck of the woods. Love to you my dear friend xox

  3. these photos are so beautiful, dawn. infact i love this whole post.
    seems like your having some magical moments!
    its been raining all through the week here. everything's grey and wet, yet romantic in its own way.

    love to you!

  4. Love how your captured the spirit of summer in words and images!

    I returned from a road trip down south the other day, and I am convinced that Vienna on days like these offers the best of summer: warm sunshine during the day, low humidity, balmy evenings to sit outdoors, and cool nights to sleep well.

    To endless summer days, greetings,

  5. These photos are so crisp and bright! So beautiful! Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer.

  6. Perfect summer fun for you and Raffi. Like so much that you let Raffi have a real fun time out in nature. Also wonderful he can entertain himself for periods of time so you can get a few things done. I also enjoy all the beautiful pictures out and about near your home in Austria. He is so adorable and I am happy he has a friend near his age (picture of two of them near fence.) It is a good life.

  7. So glad you are capturing the memories. I kept journal and would write,...what we did today, what Jimmy said and did, what Jimmy made, how Jimmy made me feel when he____...stuff like that, and now I can go back and read them and say, oh yea, I remember that.

  8. Wow, so nice Dawn..thanks for sharing in such detail. Makes me feel like I'm participating.

  9. Raffi sounds like a very sweet child. Enjoy every moment with him.

  10. Lovely posting, wonderful photos! Raffi has grown up so much!!!!!!



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