Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation In the Salzburg Mountains

We've just returned from 10 days in the beautiful Grossarl area of Salzburg. I can tell you with certainty that Austria is one of the more underrated countries when it comes to natural beauty. 

We traveled with our friends who have children Rafael's age, and stayed at a wonderful family hotel. We ate much too much, rode bicycles under the strong summer sun, swam, splashed, walked through dewy forests, fed goats and rabbits, and kept our eyes on our funny, wild boy as he explored playgrounds and wooded paths. 

It seems that, remarkably often, cats find Rafael. This black and white cat found us while we fed the ponies, and even joined us for a walk through the forest. It also appeared in the garden on our final evening, as if to say goodbye. I have quite a few photographs of Raffi with cats. He loves them. I guess some day he will have one his own. 

We enjoyed ourselves fully on our vacation, and it was hard choosing photos for this post, as I took so many. I hope these give you a taste of the beauty to be experienced in this country that I now call my home. Maybe you will even be inspired to come and see for yourself!

I found the first tiny yellow leaf on our walk this morning. Come midsummer there are always these little yellow leaves strewn along the path, and even though I know autumn is still a ways ahead, and I will enjoy the remaining warmth, I do love finding them each year. 


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  1. Hello Dawn,

    I'm so excited to see these as we'll be heading that way in the Fall sometime. I've been there before and it is the home of my Mother, so it truly felt like I had come home the first time I saw it.
    I may ask for some recommendations of places to stay!!
    For now, I've enjoyed the gorgeous photos and the beautiful face of Raffi...

    Love you hair, btw!!


  2. Your photos are absolutely stunning, Dawn, as is this bit of heaven where they were taken! I wish I could visit! The closest I've come to Salzburg, was a trip some years ago that took us to Innsbruck. Driving through the Alps seemed like we'd stepped into the setting of a fairytale. I envy you and your proximity to all this beauty. I love your story about Rafael and his 'cats'. You can tell he has a tender heart for all the animals he meets.
    xx Judy in Southern CA

  3. So beautiful. I love seeing the wisps of fog over those steep green hills. Today the fog was high but constant over our yellow hills. A different beauty, but your pics definitely make me want to visit Austria. Also, your Raffi must be the sweetest little boy: my cats met toddlers last weekend and ran away as far as possible!

  4. Your photos are truly gorgeous. Austria is such a beautiful place. I just had a friend visiting from the States - here in Zurich - and I was so pleased with the beautiful weather and the views.

    Just a tip: perhaps get in the picture a bit more with your dear boy? or if you are already doing so, share more of them with us. Having said that, the photo of you crouching down with Rafael is adorable :-)

    Its just that as I look back at my own memory books (my 3 children are grown adults!) I realize that I should have been in the photo more.

    Enjoy this beautiful summer weather and thanks for sharing these images with us!

  5. Lovely post Dawn, it looks as though you had a fantastic time and I am so happy for you. You truly deserve it :)
    Salzburg looks incredible and I definitely want to visit. The lush green mountains are spellbindingly beautiful. I showed Nathan your holiday photos on Facebook the other day and he was enthralled, especially with the one which was the view from your room. We would love to wake up to that!
    Morwenna xxx

  6. I would love to see Austria one day, it's beautiful and your photos should be published to promote such a lovely country! I noticed no roads to the houses on the hillside and in the village, virgin beauty!

  7. Wow! Your photos are always beautiful, but you've really outdone yourself this time!

  8. That is such a big rabbit! The area looks so quaint and lovely! And Raffi is growing so big and adorable.

  9. RAFAEL HAS GOTTEN SO BIG!! Hi, Dawn! Just got back into the blog world recently, and am so glad to see you on here again :) Beautiful photos as always!

  10. How lovely! Beautiful series of photos!

  11. Oh Dawn, he is just a precious, adorable little boy! How lucky you and Ramon are.:)

    I appreciate getting to see Austria through your blog. It is very beautiful. I have always wanted to visit Switzerland (we are a quarter Swiss and the "family" farm is still in operation there), but because of your blog, I have added Austria too.


  12. What a sweet, sweet boy, and he seems to enjoy nature, just as much as his mama. I can tell you that all of your pictures make me long to move just all breathtaking.

  13. All of these pictures are breathtaking. I love to hear that your vacation went so well. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures.

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  14. Beautiful area, your photos are fantastic!



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