Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Handsome Boy Rafael

This is our little son Rafael Manolo's profile, taken at 20 weeks. Even though it's a fuzzy picture, I think he is the most beautiful little boy in the world! I adore his tiny little nose!

After going through quite a few name options, we settled on Rafael Manolo a couple of weeks ago, and have not doubted our decision for a single second since. We usually refer to him as Raffi. 

Not only are the names themselves beautiful, they also have beautiful meaning. Rafael means 'God has healed,' which feels very appropriate seeing as how this pregnancy has helped to heal our pain after the loss of our first. Manolo means 'God is here' or 'God is with us.' Such a precious sentiment. 

There's a pregnancy questionnaire that I thought I would take part in once in a while, just for fun. Also, it will be nice to have a record of these things in the future!
  • How far along?: 23 weeks, 3 days.
  • Total weight gain: 17 lbs
  • How big is baby?: Approx 1 lb
  • Maternity clothes?: Since the 12th week already!
  • Stretch marks?: Unfortunately on my breasts; none on the belly, though.
  • Sleep?: It's o.k., not great though. I wake up every time I need to change positions, because I have a pillow between my knees.
  • Best moment this week?: When Ramon built together Raffi's bouncy chair! It was so nice to watch him put together something for his son.
  • Movement?: So much! This little boy is incredibly active. It's the most lovely reminder that he is alive and well.
  • Food cravings?: Fruit and milk.
  • Labor signs?: Thank goodness NO.
  • Belly button in or out?: It's getting flatter every day.
  • What I miss: Fitting into my sneakers and having smooth skin on my upper arms; they have little pimples now, which I've read comes from the hormones. Annoying!
  • What I'm looking forward to: Reaching the viability mark at 24 weeks.
  • Milestone: Ramon finally felt Raffi kick last night! 
xoxo country girl


  1. Ahh Raffi is such a little cutie! I love seeing his growth and reading all the little details. It is amazing that he already weighs 1lb, although I expect it won't be very long before he has a growth spurt and he hits the 2lb mark!
    Love to you, Ramon, Raffi and the darling pooches

  2. Dear Dawn,

    A beautiful name, and what beautiful moments your creating. This is such a special really is such an incredible miracle to feel life growing inside of you.

    I didn't know that about the bumps! I had them after I had the babies - so many that they showed up in pictures.

    And I bought some wonderful 'pregnancy' shoes so that I would be comfortable (Dansko sandals) but my feet became swollen so soon, I never got to wear them! I was wearing Easy Spirit shoes towards the end. ; )

    It's all wonderful - every bit of it!

    Big warm and happy hugs for you,
    Trina xo

  3. What a beautiful name and I love his picture.


  4. Such a wonderful happy post Dawn! Lovely to see Raffi's cute little face...he looks very happy & settled in his temporary home!Much love to you xoxo

  5. Oh Dawn!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us. I just adore his name, Rafael Manolo. What a strong and beautiful name :O) EEEK!! I'm so excited.
    And thank you for sharing this little questionnaire, how fun to read these little details. much love to you my friend. xox

  6. He looks adorable already... so excited for you :) ♥

  7. Ahh... It looks like he is posing for you, a perfect profile shot!

    You have chosen a great name: strong, masculine, and dashing with European flair.


  8. Oh Dawn....I so remember all of these moments! You are blessed to have a loving and supportive husband at your side, excited about is upcoming child and raising him in a loving home such as you will. Your cravings are interesting, too! I craved spicy things and orange juice in the beginning....I totally remember that!! The sonogram is so clear--mine was barely recognizable. How exciting!!!!!!!
    Joann xoxo

  9. Dawn, I'm so excited for you! Every day when I check your blog, I hope you have something new and exciting regarding little Rafael. You're almost to viability -- keep on going!

  10. awwww this is all so sweet and very exciting :)

  11. oh dawn! just look at him....YOUR baby! sweet raffi is beautiful!
    sending love.

  12. Dawn...I love the name you've picked out! Don't you just find it amazing how you can see your baby by using a sonogram???

    Continue to enjoy this journey!!


  13. Such a beautiful name! So excited!!! xxx



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