Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Perfect Sunday

:: kiki cooling off in the creek ::

:: blue skies and lush trees ::

:: boston exploring the creek bank ::

:: a fallen tree with its feet in the water ::

:: a father in the making ::

:: little yellow leaves found on the forest floor ::

:: robert geranium, an important ingredient in 'baby come tea' for women hoping for a baby ::

:: sanicula, a precious plant with healing properties ::

:: belladonna, a plant used as a medicine, cosmetic, and poison ::

Such a wonderful day! Sunshine, hiking in the green wood, splashing in the creek, spotting wild herbs, and coming home to eat watermelon and stretch out in the garden. The blessing of living so close to nature!

Thank you for all the beautiful memories and thoughts you shared in the comments of my previous post, The Gift of a Childhood in Nature. It's crystal clear that a close relationship to nature is one of the most precious gifts a parent, or any person for that matter, can give to a child. Whether in a garden, park, forest, field, or on the briny beaches of the coast, there is so much to be discovered and learned. If there is anything I love more than experiencing the beauty, mystery, and rhythms of nature for myself, it's reading other people's passionate accounts and fond memories. 

I've just ordered the book 'Last Child In The Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder' by Richard Louv and cannot wait to dive into it. 

In the meantime, today I reached the 23 week mark of pregnancy. One more week and I will have reached 'v-day,' the viability mark, which means that the baby, if born, has a chance of surviving. This may sound like a morbid or pessimistic thought to some, but to me, it will be a relief and a cause for celebration.

Here's my latest bump pictures! Our little son is kicking, punching, and squirming all the time now, and it's the most wonderful feeling.

xoxo country girl


  1. Oh look so happy...was good to see daddy too...what a wonderful day for all of beautiful and peaceful....

    what a lovely post

    sending love to you, ramon and baby


  2. What a great day you had!
    You look so beautiful! Your boy will be very lucky to have a mum that loves nature as much as you! I can't wait to read about your adventures together!
    Take Care, sweetie!

  3. Gorgeous Dawn! Loved all the pictures...especially radiant YOU, happy doggies & serious-but-sweet Ramon!! Love & hugs xoxo Rachel

  4. Oh Dawn I am so happy for you & Ramon! How blessed you are to live so close to such beautiful nature! And the fact that you love & enjoy it!!! You look amazing!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. You and your baby bump are beautiful! You are very fortunate to live in such a special place.

  6. I haven't had a chance to visit in awhile, but I'm glad I stopped by today. I love your outlook on life and the pictures are wonderful.

  7. You are stunning Dawn! I'm so excited for you and your husband. What a special time in your life. your little bundle going to be an autumn baby?

  8. your photos make me smile. you look so happy & beautiful! happy 23 weeks! xx
    thank you for sharing this journey with us....i'm so happy for you and ramon!
    {kiki's gentle brown eyes are so sweet and i love how boston always looks like he's getting into a bit of trouble!}



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