Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Height Of Autumn

What a golden day we've had!

My mother Julia was here for a short visit, traveling all the way from California to meet her grandson. Today was her last day, and nature shone in golden glory on our final walk together.

October is coming to an end. The arrival of November is a reminder: winter is right around the corner, with stark landscapes and short days. So we soak up these final glowing hours and ready ourselves for the long stretch of cold.

P.S. I've realized it may be a long time until I get a photograph of Raffi and myself where I am wearing makeup. So until then, I am being brave and posting pictures of my naked face. :)


  1. What beautiful images Dawn! My favourite though has to be the one of you and Raffi. It says everything, and I just love to see these pictures of you and him out for walks in all the autumn splendor.

  2. That must have been a lot of fun! And I bet reassuring to have your Mom around.

    This is going to sound so silly, but is KiKi OK? In the two most recent pictures of her, her brow looks furrowed, as if she is upset or worried. Maybe she takes her job of protecting Raffi very seriously?:) I know, sounds ridiculous, but I have to ask. Love little KiKi.

    Thank you for the updates, we love hearing them. Wishing you and your family wonderful blessings!

  3. What beautiful photos and a great time of year for your Mom to visit and meet her sweet little grandson.

    I love that picture of you and Raffi. Very sweet.


  4. Gorgeous - you, Raffi, Austria. So much beauty there xoxo

  5. I didn't even notice till you said something! The trees are amazing!! Great shots, glad your Mom got to visit!

  6. Just catching up on the last few posts...your little one is so adorable! :) xxx

  7. What a gorgeous season! And you all look beautiful-- the landscape, the dogs, YOU, and your little one! I love seeing your pups. I'm always amazed at how clean your pups keep their coats when out and about. My cavalier Henry seems to catch every leaf and strand of loose grass, and the snow! Yikes! Lol, he can sometimes look like a ragamuffin dog!~

  8. Dawn, you're having a MUCH better Fall than we are here in NYC and New England for that matter. Not much color here and obscenely cold winter weather currently. But I'm gad that you an the family are experiencing such a wonderful season - I love seeing pictures of you and little Raffi!

  9. And YOU and Raffi....are GORGEOUS happy that your mom came to see you...proud GRANDMA!!!! I would be, too!!!! xoxo Joann

  10. All beautiful photographs especially the one of you and your baby son.
    Enjoy your boy!

  11. All so beautiful... very happy for you!

  12. Oh Dawn! how lovely to have your mother there - and what a joy for her too meet Rafael.
    The photos are incredible, thank you for sharing your fall with us - you know Southern Cal,we don't really have one here :)
    And I'm in the same boat with the makeup thing - but really,you are a stunning woman..with and without makeup..Blessings!!

  13. WOW - GORGEOUS photos and pretty puppies!!! Glad I came across your blog - you are a gifted photographer, indeed. :-)

  14. You live in an awe-inspiring place! Beautiful and so kind of you to photograph it to share with us -- I am so glad your mom could come at such a beautiful time to meet her precious little grandson! (And you are or no, motherhood has given you a beautiful glow!)



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