Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Times, Hard Times

Hello friends!

It's been quite a while, nearly a month, since my last post. I thought of you all often, and have wanted to write about many things in the meantime. When Rafael was a wee little baby, there was so much more opportunity to write and take photos. The older he gets, the less he sleeps, and the more attention he requires, which means that my spare time is for keeping house and spending time with my husband and friends. Or zoning out in a game of Scrabble on my iPhone. 

We have a tough few weeks behind us. Many nights where Raffi screamed inconsolably for hours, and days when he cried and fussed. Yes, this little man was doing some serious teething. Three teeth popped out within a matter of days, and he also had an ear infection and a stuffed nose, all thanks to the teething.  

In the picture above, he had a high fever. You can tell by his cherry-red cheeks. He was sitting for a few moments in his little 'nest' while I got something done in the kitchen, and he looked so adorable that I had to take a photo. He was playing with his favorite toy: the basket from the salad spinner! Don't let his sweet little smile fool you...a few seconds later he was crying again. 

Besides all of the hard times....and they were very hard....there have been so many amazing, heart melting moments. Rafael and I are in love, so so so in love. I don't know how else to describe it. Yesterday he learned how to give me a kiss and I nearly died. 

I hope I can post more often now. 

Hope you are all enjoying these Summer days!



  1. Dawn, so glad to hear from you! I am constantly checking to see if I see any new post from you, but of course, your little man is your main focus, and with a face like that, who could blame you. He looks so much like you, and it's just too adorable. I'm sorry about this teething business, I promise it will get better. Funny how babies love to play with kitchen stuff as their toys, maybe because they see us using them all the time. Enjoy your little man, and enjoy his sweet little kisses.


  2. Oh Dawn, I missed the echo of your words in my mind so much. Hope I can write to you soon...
    Its wonderful to read through these glimpses you share here of your love affair with your little man.
    Thinking of you... and praying for lesser tear stains on those cherry cheeks, only MORE SMILES!

    1. p.s: love your new blog header :)

  3. Bless his heart! And - yours as well! I'm hoping Raffi is feeling better now. He is certainly a beautiful little boy!

  4. What a precious, handsome boy!

  5. Oh I missed you! I had wondered if you were away on vacation...i'm sorry to hear that your absence was because poor Raffi was in pain from teething. We are just entering that faze here...and its not pretty!!!!
    I'm hoping you have better days ahead dear Dawn! xox

  6. Oh Dawn, he just gets cuter and cuter. And the blanket behind him, I think I have said this before, but I love it. Hope he is feeling better soon. That is the worst part of parenthood, when they are in pain or sick.


  7. I guessed you had been busy, but think this is growing children, as a nonna I remember allegria and lively house full of voices. Waiting this happens again with my two nipotine 2 and a half years old the one living in Italy not far from here and 1 month the Londoner one, so I perfectly understand what's going on with your wonderful baby
    happy summer Dawn

  8. Hi Dawn,I was a little worried for not hearing from you and I kept constantly looking for your blog,then I thought about teething. It is a hard time! My daughter was teething in summer and every time there was a fever and crying and more crying and the hot weather in Krete didn't help at all! One day yoiu will remember all this with nostalgia.....You Rafael gets cuter by the day!

  9. I'm sure we all can relate, good to see you post again, we will wait! Happy boy, happy Mama!!

  10. I'm was SO happy to see your post this morning, Dawn. Even though I knew your absence must be due to Raffi-time, I was worried about you both. I'm sorry for his pain with teething, and hope these past few weeks have been the worst of it. Raffi is such a beautiful child and he radiates your love.
    Judy in CA

  11. Hi Dawn, I can just agree with the others: great to read a new post from you again!! And even though I have a baby girl in the same age than gorgeous little Raffi and know the phases through which our little ones have to go through so soooo well, I was slightly worried. But glad to see all is fine - besides the teething of course (Nahla has had her first fever as well last week and just got her 3rd and 4th teeth, yay!).
    Looking forward to the next posts - Raffi is such an adorable cutie, it's unbelievable!!
    Enjoy every single moment (well, I'm sure you do!)!
    All the best from Germany
    Nadine & Nahla

  12. Take time to smell the flowers. We can wait!

  13. Oh poor little Rafael, teething is such a difficult time for baby and parents. Glad the worst of it is behind you all.
    Morwenna x

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  15. Welcome back:). I'm so sorry to hear about Raffi's teeth. That is not fun for anyone, but at least it's such a short (even when it doesn't seem that way) stage of their lives. He still looks cute, even with a high fever:). There is nothing quite like the bond between a mama and her little boy..... I hope he's feeling better and that you're all getting some more sleep. Happy (almost) summer.

    xox, Blair

  16. I am glad he is well and only teething.. This, too, shall pass. Though it often seems like it lasts forever +.



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