Saturday, June 30, 2012

On A Hot Summer Day

A sweltering hot Saturday. Rafael has begun pulling himself around and is so excited about it. It's the beginning of a whole new and a bit exhausting for both of us!

Wishing you all sunshine and someone to enjoy it with!



  1. Lovely Summer photos and colours. I noticed you childs calender toy is in
    German whic prompted a question. Do you speak to Rafael in German/Austrian or in English mostly? I imagine you want to teach him both but was just interested. My parents mostly spoke German at home until we started school. So I learnt both languages before five. Its such a bonus to have two languages and cultures to draw from for little minds isn't it.

  2. Hello!
    My husband and I speak English with each other, and I speak English with Rafael when we are alone. However, when we are with German-speaking family and friends, I speak German with him, out of courtesy to the other people, so that they understand me.
    I hope he will pick up on the English!
    Thanks for your visit. :)

  3. Oh Dawn...what lovely photos,sure looks like you have had a "hot" day. But Rafael sure was enjoying it in the tub.


  4. Hi !! Dawn Raffi looks soooo cute and happy :)) I was just wondering how the dogs are doing with Raffi and Raffi's toys just wondering because soon my husband and i want to try to have a baby and i just want to now what to expect ?? we have a bichon frise he is two years old and very spoil by us :))

    Have a lovely weekend

    Mary Chicago IL

  5. Oh it looks so warm and summery there... I wish we had a bit of that warmth here.
    Rafael is getting so big and he looks so happy playing outside in his tub and under his shade. :O)
    Your basil looks so full and lush.. mine is hardly thriving ... enjoy some for me okay?
    xoxo Happy summer to you dear friend....
    ps. I love that calender you have for Rafael, how sweet!

  6. Absolutely beautiful summer photos, straight from a magazine on Happy Living! Raffi looks the picture of a happy, healthy, little boy! Thanks so much for sharing your home and family, Dawn.
    xxjudy in ca

  7. What a happy little boy you have, love his sweet little smile! Seems like the two of you are surely enjoying summer.

  8. I have fallen out of touch with my favorite blogs twin girls turned one last week!!!...and now I am enjoying catching up on your beautiful summer and charming son. Loved your recent post on feminine curves, important to read after the body changing experience of pregnancy!!! Hope all is swell!

  9. I just love your deck! And your fence is so nice, it looks completely safe for kids. Raffi can roam a little and you don't need to be right behind him.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. awww...thanks for sharing the photos and story.
    I just put your blog on my start page and this way I get to whats new every day.



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