Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Rafael has begun pointing things out to me: trains, airplanes, birds, bugs, the night lamp in his room that turns with pictures of hot air balloons, Boston, and Kiki. I love it so much, and this is my favorite age so far. I feel like it is the beginning of direct communication.

I am aware, so acutely aware, of how quickly my baby is growing into a little boy. Time is passing so quickly. I am trying to capture it in little moments, and keep the simple, precious memories safe in my heart.



  1. These special times pass all too quickly! You are giving Rafi outstanding opportunities to learn and grow!

  2. Beautiful photos! And a Beautiful child! Thanks so much for sharing these special moments.
    judy in ca

  3. He is staring to look so much like you! Lovely photos.

  4. it goes by far too quick (babyhood).... someday you'll be so happy that you have these blog posts to look back on.
    I'm loving your summer photos too.... such a pretty bouquet of wild flowers.... happy to see that you are getting out for your nature walks.

  5. Beautiful photos! Little man and puppy are just as sweet as can be.

  6. I kept journals as well as photographs. I wrote down everything and have a shelf full of journals! Moments I might have forgotten about are there for me to go to and read and remember for the rest of my life.

  7. He is SOOOO aware! So bright...just like you were his age, pure golden light.



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