Sunday, August 5, 2012

In The Midsummer Woods

So many magical things to be found in the damp midsummer forest these days. Lots of mushrooms and moss, and wild cyclamen with their delicate purple blossoms.

The dogs love splashing through creeks and cooling off their paws in muddy puddles. 

Rafael is so patient on our walks. I pick blackberries for him from brambles that grow along the wooded path. He points out birds and gets very excited when someone comes towards us with a big dog (to which he says, 'Wuff!').

I've been on the look out for Amanita muscarias, those red toadstools with white flecks that you see so often in fairy tale books, but no luck yet. Maybe in September. 

It's been a beautiful summer so far. Exhausting and hot....but beautiful.

Hope you all had a great weekend, thank you so much for your visit!



  1. What a beautiful stroll through the woods.
    Love that twinkle in Raffi's eyes. He seems to be going up so fast!

  2. Wow, really magical Dawn! I think the lill red mushroom would grow into a toad stool...but thats just a guess.
    Rafael looks so amazing and grown, he is growing so fast.
    So glad I'll see him so soon.

  3. What a gorgeous, gorgeous little boy you have Dawn! Those eyes!! Love all the pictures too...Austria is like a fairytale...a land of mists, mystery & mushrooms! I know you will have heard about poor sweet Kary...I am still quite shocked, even though I knew she was very ill. It was through you that I was introduced to her beautiful blog, & so to her. I'm very happy to have known her, for sure. Have a wonderful week & hug Raffi for me xoxo

    1. I already miss Kary so much. I am in total shock and keep thinking about John and Teddy.
      Thank you for your visit sweetie. I always love hearing from you. xoxo

  4. I never knew what those delightful fairy tale mushrooms were called---you are an amazing teacher. Raffi is precious... xoxo

  5. Such a beautiful little boy, Dawn. What wonderful experiences you are giving him.

  6. Love these pictures Dawn! You really do have a great "eye" for things! I am just a novice but would love to learn more so if you have any basic tips to share they would be more than welcome!Love Nina xx

  7. I'm doing my best teaching flowers and herbs profumi to my three months old new nipotina, all the vegs of my orto seem more brilliant when she looks at them
    ciao Mada

  8. wow! He looks like a proper little man in that photo! How cute! :) xxx

  9. Gorgeous photographs how I love the woods



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