Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hundreds Of Sunflowers

It's pretty embarrassing how steep the hill was that I climbed, pushing Rafael in his stroller under a blazing hot sun, to get these sunflower shots. When I know there is a chance for an interesting photography subject, I get ridiculously determined.

Rafael loved it though...because there were blackberry brambles along the way, and he's a sucker for any kind of slightly sour fruit. He kept making the baby-sign for 'more' and pointing at the bushes, commanding me to pick more for him to pop into his mouth.

So I kept him supplied with blackberries, and he kept me cheerful on the crazy walk up the steep hill, on the hunt for sunflower fields.

We're quite a team!



  1. What an amazing "sea" of sunflowers you have captured! Really beautiful photos. I am the same way - I'll easily go through great strenuous lengths when I stumble upon a great subject for a photo. All in the name of art. ; -) Your little guy is so cute. I adore your blog; it is such a happy place to visit.

  2. Your photos are so beautiful! I would be tempted to cut all of the sunflowers because they are my favorite!

    1. Oh yes....I did cut a few...guiltily....hoping no one sees! I've added a pic of the sunflowers stuffed into the bottom of the stroller! :)

  3. The happiest flowers... Oh and daisys, my other favourite. Such a lovely happy post to wake up to today. I love that youve taught Rafael a bit of baby sign. I was a sign language interpreter pre-kids and taught mine some signing too. Before they could talk they told me bath, toilet, shower, food, drink. Made life so much easier to communicate with babies. Made toilet training easier too.

  4. How precious!! Thank you for making the effort so we all can enjoy....beautiful!

  5. Sunflowers are my absolute favourite flower and Raphael is just absolutely adorable with that blackberry juice dribbling down his chin. Wish I could've joined you for that walk. Sounds just lovely! xox

  6. ooops, spelt his name wrong... Rafael :O)

  7. That one sunflower looks like it is turning into an alien to attack the bee!
    Rafael is so adorable!

  8. Oh, the sunflowers are beautiful!! We appreciate the hike up the hill, thank you! Your little boy is simply the cutest.:)

    Take care,

  9. So beautiful! I once saw a field of sunflowers and I will never forget it. It makes the heart flutter! What great memories your making with your sweet Rafael.

  10. Dawn I just love this blog! Such a happy place to be. I loved the sunflowers & Rafael is just soo cute! It sounds like a cliche but the time with our young ones flies by so fast! It is so wonderful that you are making the most of every minute spent with your baby boy!(and that is so obivious for us all to see!)
    My "baby boy" is 15 now but it seems like only yesterday when he was the same age as Rafael....
    Love Nina xxxx

  11. Wow ow wow...so so so cute...also nice talking to you right after it happened. Love you bunches, my Sunshine!

  12. Oh goodness Dawn....he's ridiculously cute....must be all the wonderful nutrients you nourish him with....

    and good genes, too




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