Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Chicken Hunt Continues

Another gorgeous summer day on my friend Dani's farm. And this time I found the chickens!

I also walked down this little way...

...and got a peek into the greenhouse, climbing with cucumber vines.

Rafael and his three friends played under a the big sky. It was so nice to spend time with fellow mommies, talking about all the things on our minds, sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

When I went to visit the white hen sitting in the coop, she actually stood up and laid an egg right in front of me!

Dani sent me home with three zucchinis and chives from her garden, and a little green speckled egg from the coop. They looked so pretty on my kitchen counter.

I'm thinking....zucchini muffins?



  1. My goodness Rafael is growing up. His hair is fabulous. My granddaughter celebrated her first birthday in March and she's still bald. Her brother was the same way. I enjoyed your photos and especially the one of Rafael. Take care.

    1. Don't worry, Patricia, I was bald at one too and I now have enough hair for two people!:) Even at two, I only had soft, wispy blond curls. But, eventually, long, chestnut brown hair came in.


  2. Thank you, Patricia. :) I get so many comments on Rafael's hair. One person called them 'godly.' He's a lucky boy!
    So nice of you to stop by!

  3. What a beautiful place for an outing! Weren't you excited when the chicken presented you with that egg?:)

    Rafael is such a beautiful child!

  4. Have to agree with Patricia, your boy has lovely hair, and lot's of it too. What a nice surprise the chickens had for you, and what a lovely setting for perfect pictures.

  5. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw that photo of Rafael was, "What beautiful hair!" He is one handsome little guy. He's going to be quite the ladies' man when he's older. Love your photos from the farm, too.

  6. Such a beautiful beautiful farm. I loved the first picture of your friend chopping tomatoes in her kitchen... makes me wish I had just such a kitchen with its window overlooking the green farm yard outside.
    And I'm sure joining 'the Raffi's beautiful hair admiring league' :)
    Hope you and your little gentleman have many more lovely moments in the sunshine as this one.

  7. Beautiful pictures Dawn !!!! I love all the pictures the farm is soooo nice what a lovely place

    Mary chicago iL

  8. Hi Dawn,
    Ahh Rafael is adorable and I love his romper, he really suits red and white.
    I certainly miss harvesting fresh eggs every morning, but I don't miss clearing up after the messy chooks everyday! Hopefully we will get some more chickens one day.
    Courgette muffins sounds scrumptious, I make them with gruyere and pine nuts which makes them rather tasty, but oh so moreish which can be a little dangerous!
    Miss you xxx

  9. awwwww...he is so handsome and GOD!
    I have to say that he does look very Schoenherz and a tiny bit like his uncle Noah, whom we will see this Sunday. Thanks for posting such gorgeous photos of all the treasures you come upon your roamings.

  10. I love you all, thanks for your visits and your kind words. xo

  11. Zucchini muffins, yum, yum!! Raffi's eyelashes are beautiful, along with his hair! And love the greenhouse, I have always wanted one.




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