Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Food: Nourishing My Growing Child

Each mother I know has a different approach to feeding their child. The main differences have to do with what is allowed, and at which age. My approach is: a large variety of vegetables, fruits, fats, and proteins; all organic; and high in nutrition. Whether I cook it fresh, as the picture above depicts, or serve up a glass of organic baby food (with some tasty additions that I will share with you), really doesn't matter to me. As long as I know the ingredients are high quality, and Rafael enjoys it, it's right by me.

He eats all vegetables and fruits, as well as pasta, rice, dark bread with butter, grain cereals, and natural cookies and crackers.

What I really love to do is jazz up his meals with tasty and nutritious additions. It's important to me that his food is never dull, and that he is introduced to many different textures and flavors early on. 

Here is a list of nutrition-dense and flavorful foods that I add to his homemade or store-bought meals. Keep in mind that I buy all of these in the best quality I can, which means free range, extra virgin, certified organic, grass fed, seasonal, or local, depending on the item.

-Coconut oil
-Coconut milk
-Fresh sweet cream
-Sour cream
-Sheep's yogurt
-Cow's yogurt
-Soft boiled or hard boiled egg yolk
-Fresh minced herbs
-Sea Salt (a tiny sprinkling for minerals and flavor)

Some favorite combinations are:

-Steamed sweet potato and broccoli with chicken, sweet cream, and sea salt
-Steamed potatoes, pumpkin, and zucchini with beef, coconut oil, and sea salt
-Steamed Chard, potatoes, and carrots with butter, egg yolk, and sea salt
-Sliced vegetables sauteed in coconut oil and eaten as finger food
-Blueberry-apple sauce with sheep's yogurt
-Strawberry-raspberry-apple sauce with cow's yogurt
-Mashed banana with coconut milk

The perfect finger foods, where he can practice his pincher grasp with thumb and pointer finger, are:

-Red currants
-Dark bread with butter, cut into little squares
-Wholegrain Cheerios

Foods and flavors I am looking forward to introducing Rafael to this fall and winter are:

-Baked apples
-Fresh figs

Bon Appetit, babies!



  1. Oh Dawn, I can't believe how he is growing...look at all those teeth! smile... No wonder he can enjoy all that fantastic food you are making for him! Bless you...


  2. What a beautiful, well-nourished, happy little boy! You are making such good choices in what he eats.
    Sending my best,

  3. great to be your and old:)

  4. can I come to your house for dinner? It all sounds and looks so divine! xox Lucky boy!



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