Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Botany

Queen Anne's Lace

St. John's Wort

Creeping Thistle


It's amazing what you can find growing on the side of the road or by the forest path. Everything used to just look like different shades of green to me, with random splashes of color. But since I began learning about the different herbs, flowers, and edibles growing here, every plant I see holds meaning, or is waiting to be discovered, categorized, and understood. 

All of these plants are useful and beautiful. Isn't that fascinating?



  1. HI!!Dawn Hope u are having a beautiful summer here in the Midwest Chicago we are under a heat wave . But is still beautiful!! How nice to see your pictures, and yes is very fascinating that all those plants have a name and a purpose . love your blog

    Have A great Day :)

    Mary Chicago il

  2. We have a heat wave too and half our town was without power for a few days because of a powerful storm.:( Temps are over 100 when we normally would be in the 70s and 80s. We haven't lost power but everyone is miserable. Even the AC doesn't seem to help much. I saw a wild bunny outside today panting, no joke. I am running the hose all day just for the wildlife.

    I used to pick flowers by the road for May baskets with my Grandma. She knew all the flowers just like you do. What a wonderful gift to share with Raffi.

    Stay cool! And pray that we get rain!! The farmers need it! And so do the bunnies.:)

  3. Lately I've been learning about the native/wild plants here too and am so excited to identify different berries and herbs .
    Nature is simply amazing! xox lovely photos

  4. To let many of my vegs flourish I have a very very messy veg garden, there are times when I have more flowers than vegs, then due to lack of space I must sacrifice them and gain some new beds to sow something to eat
    beautiful pics Dawn ......... I like radicchio flowers in my orto and along the street
    ciao mada

  5. Is queens lace poisonous? Does it look like hemlock? Can you show us the difference?

  6. Dawn."I love your are so gifted! The Queen Anne's Lace is so of my favorites. But the Chicorey is beautiful!


  7. Beautiful summer botany Dawn. Recently, I brought home a new (to me) green leaf veggie from my farmer's market but forgot its regional name. I'd love to learn more about it. Google-ing hasn't helped much as I do not know its name and only have my photographs of it to start the search with. Do you know of any source/sources I could refer to?

  8. Just lovely!!! Beauty is all around us and knowing more about the plants just enhances our pleasure!! Wishing you a wonderful day!! Hugs, Sherry xo



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