Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rafael Turns 10 Months!

The past two weeks have been so full of progress for little Rafael! He is pulling himself around on his stomach, so quick, here and there...and he can go from lying down to sitting all on his own. That's a big step, and he's so proud about it! He looks at me and grins every time he does it. He is also pulling himself up, especially on the open dishwasher door while I empty it. 

He would love to play with the water in the dog bowl, and tries to all the time. He points at so many things all day long and always asks "Daaaa?!" which means 'there?' in german. So I tell him: "That's the fan....that's Kiki....that's an airplane....that's a bird....that's a book....that's a tree." He listens intently and soaks it all up like a sponge.

If I need to clean, I put him in his high chair and scatter Cheerios or red currants in front of him. He picks them up one by one and plops them in his mouth. This always buys me some time for getting chores done.

As the many fuzzy photos above show, it's hard to take a picture of him now! He is so active! And it's gotten very difficult to change his diaper or dress him, because he just wants to keep moving around, exploring everything, and lying on one's back is of course boring.

He is affectionate, hilarious, curious, and healthy. My little boy at 10 months.



  1. Dawn---he's getting cuter and cuter each day; his expression are becoming more defined; his interests more clear. What fun this time is!! It is also more unnerving as well as now he can get into things with just a turn of your head....no more shutting an eye as he plays....

    I LOVE the red mushroom!! How darling! Brio trains were always some of my daughters' favorites when we'd wander into lovely toy shops. The magnetic wooden trains would be hooked together as they gathered around a table and created a world all their own. Seems like only days ago, but instead so many years...

    Enjoy the moments...and you are!


    Joann in CO

  2. I love these photos of little [not so little any more (smile)] Raffi in motion. They reflect in visual all things you've shared about him in words here. Affectionate, hilarious, curious and healthy (thank you god)... a big YES! And such a lovely collection of playthings :)

  3. What a beautiful, happy, energetic little boy! No more baby. You are a wonderful mother to him, Dawn. You can see it in his eyes.

    xxjudy in ca

  4. What a happy little boy, and just too adorable for words! Enjoy your little munchkin..

  5. He is ADORABLE! I love his curly locks! Enjoy all these special times. they are fleeting.

  6. I'M IN LOVE!!! What a gift to be able to read your summaries and peek into your heart and mind to see what beautiful life grows out from that place of love and inspiration.
    I love you very much and miss you every day. J

  7. Oh my goodness...he is so sweet!


  8. Dawn, I have been a quiet friend since you were one of the "tweets" on the twain.
    I commented once to you...and it was with happiness & tears...you were pregnant with
    Rafael! It makes my heart so happy to see how life has blessed you! Oh, how I
    dearly miss the days when my children were young! There isn't anything sweeter,
    than to hold such a miracle in your arms! You understand and appreciate this and
    so, I wish for you a lifetime of blessings! Rafael is beautiful on the outside...and from reading your blog....he will also (and more importantly) be beautiful on the
    inside too! Blessings to you and your family!
    XoX Dawn from Minnesota

  9. Dawn,
    Do you mind sharing where you found the gas station & police station toys?

  10. Sure! They are from a Dutch company called Rice. http://www.rice.dk/en/Products/Storage/Kids-storage.aspx
    You can also order them through other companies, depending on your location.



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