Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Rainy Day On Anna Hof's Organic Farm

It was one of those warm, rainy days that you sometimes have in summer. My friend Neli asked if we wanted to join her on a trip to the organic farm Anna Hof, which I visited once before and posted about here

First we bought raw milk, meat, vegetables, and bread at the little shop they have, and I admired the rows of apple trees, the farm equipment (I love farm equipment!) and the surrounding green hills. 

Then we set out to explore the grounds, and visit all of the animals. Everything was green and glistening with rain drops, and it was so much fun showing Rafael the cows, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and pigs.

The Anna Hof organic farm showed us what healthy, happy animals look like.

I just wanted to also note: I am so grateful to have made these new friends since having Rafael. Before I had him, I spent most of my time alone, and going places or being around other people felt taxing somehow. But now, I really love meeting up with my Mommy buddies. I love the things we talk about, the places we go, and the times we share. A day with nothing planned used to feel so freeing to me, but now I am always happy when I know I'll see my friends. It's very new for me, and I love it.

P.S. Look, Rafael is half as big as me! :)



  1. Hi!! Dawn what beautiful pictures you took they are lovely. specially the one Raffi and you are together :)) very cute :) the farm looks so nice and full of life

    Your post was beautiful have a great and wonderful rest of the weekend ;)

    Mary chicago il

  2. is that you? all stunning in boots and baby?

  3. So nice to see a picture of you with Rafael! You look so very stylish, love the boots, and yes, he is getting so big! What a beautiful farm. So glad you get to spend time with your new friends.

  4. Enjoyed all the green photos, in a drought here with brown grass and no rain, nice to see wonderful greenness!!! Happy you are so happy!

  5. I had to laugh when I saw you and Raffi, it looks like soon he will be picking you up! Love the store! I adore shopping in places like that. I am always surprised by the natural beauty of where you live, these picture are wonderful! I walk/run our woods almost everyday and they are beautiful, but can't hold a candle to your neck of the woods.:) It is truly spectacular.

    Hugs to Raffi!



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