Monday, September 3, 2012

Golden Afternoon in Lainzer Park

It's so funny how you can live somewhere for a long time and still discover places you've never been right near by. I had heard of Lainzer Tiergarten, a nature preserve about a 15 minute drive away, for a while, but had never been. Had I known how beautiful it is there....I would have insisted on going sooner!

This afternoon we went with some friends and their babies, taking a forty minute walk to a little cafè for hot chocolate and strudel, then having fun with the babes in the the playground, and then heading back towards home in the golden September sunset. Above are just a few of the 118 photos I shot of this gorgeous place. I hope to go again when the landscape is saturated in autumn colors. 

I would love to hear about beautiful places you like to visit where you live. I know the news makes us believe the world is a horrible place, and this may be true in some ways; but it is also so full of beauty and breathtaking nature, just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Thank you as always for visiting!



  1. Love, love, love these pictures of Rafael. His dress made me have a crush at him (all over again). Beautiful blue-gray. And such tranquil golden pictures of your outing.
    Thinking of you. Happy Autumn.

  2. Beautiful photos and Rafael has grown up so much.Looks like fall has come in Austria. By contrast, in Greece, we are still enjoying the sea and the hot weather, despite all the bad things ahead of us. I can't give up hope, in any way!

  3. I agree and thank you so much for sharing such pure beauty with us!

  4. HI !! Dawn what beautiful pictures you took!!! in your outing they are very nice the color of trees and to see that the month of September and fall are doing there magic :) . Well you mention to share a special place to visit well for me I love going to a place called the House on the Rock is in Wisconsin like 4 hours from Chicago where I live . Why is special?? well its' just a magical place and then my husband propose to me there so it's very special

    Hope you are having a great Day .

    Mary Chicago il

  5. oh magical light, such stunning photographs and look at your little growing boy.



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