Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rafael: One Year Old!

Happy First Birthday to the most amazing little son Rafael!!!

I thank God every day for my cuddly, funny, smart, healthy, happy little boy. He is everything I ever hoped and wished for, the fulfillment of my most precious dream.

Today he came to me for hugs and cuddles about a hundred times, always saying 'Mama' and rubbing his face against me. Melting my heart!

Thank you all for joining me on this journey of motherhood, and for always being here with advice and kindness. I appreciate it so much.

Here's to another beautiful year spent getting to know my sweet son, and making every together day special.



  1. Happy Birthday!
    We mums are so lucky, aren't we?


  2. happy birthday to your sweet little boy!

  3. Happy #1 to sweet Rafael.

    Thank you for sharing yours/his life with us all.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Buon compleanno Rafael and brava to you Dawn auguri auguri auguri to both of youuu

  5. Happy birthday to Rafael hope to we all can see pictures of he's birthday celebration

    happy birthday and thanks for sharing Rafael with all of us

    Mary Chicago il

  6. I can't believe it has been a year! Happy, happy birthday!

    Thanking for sharing this journey with us!:)


  7. happy birthday, beautiful boy!! and congrats to you for a wonderful first year as a mother. valentina

  8. Happy Birthday to your handsome little man. And a Happy "BIRTH" day to you too, mama. I have 2 little boys of my own, and I know how bittersweet that first birthday can be. Such a special day for you and your family!

  9. Where did that year go, Dawn?? Unbelievable. He is so gorgeous & a credit to you both...what a wonderful childhood you are giving him, so much love...lucky little darling! Have a fabulous celebratory weekend, much love xoxo

  10. He is just too sweet!!! Happy Birthday little man.

  11. Happy Birthday sweet Rafeal, gosh where does the time go? Seems just like yesterday he was born! What a handsome..loving little man he is!


  12. How quickly time passes! Happy Birthday to Rafael! You have done an amazing job with him in this first year. How fortunate he is to have two loving parents!


  13. Happy Birthday to Rafael! I remember so well your preganancy and your photos that you showed of your developing belly! Time flies when you have a little one. Take care.

  14. Happy birthday to your sweet Rafael! He is such a gift and blessing. It's always a joy to read what is new with your sweetie. Hugs to you Raffi and happy "birth" day to you Mama!

  15. Happy birthday little Rafael!
    What a happy little boy he is and so fortunate to have a Mummy like you:)

  16. Dawn, while reading "The Supper Book" by Marion Cunningham, I came across a Gladys Tabor quote that I thought you might like. (I think I remember you saying you loved her work)

    "In my family, we have always found that eating together aids family solidarity. When we face serious problems, we have a way of saying, 'Well, let's have supper first.' We find that tensions ease and difficulties can be handled after we have gathered around the table and had a good meal." -- Gladys Tabor, "My Own Cookbook"

  17. What a lovely, happy little guy!!!! You and your husband have been so blessed to have such a wonderful son!!! It seems like just yesterday you brought him into this world. How time flies. Happy Birthday to Rafael!!

    Your blog sounds like you are back to your usual self.....thought you might have been a little depressed on the previous post; hope you resolved what was bothering you.

    Have a great day!!



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