Friday, December 7, 2012


Yesterday my friend Daniela came and visited with her little daughter. She said, "Nikolo stopped by our home and brought this for you." She handed me a package in brown paper. Inside, tucked in a can, was a glowing apple, a fragrant tangerine, a heart-shaped lebkuchen cookie, and some peanuts. Something about the simplicity of this gift touched me deeply. Many people these days give other gifts on, books, candy. But my friend filled that can with the things that Saint Nikolaus originally gave, and I promised myself then and there that Rafael will also receive this traditional mix each year on December his little boot placed in front of the door the night before. 

Rafael ate that mandarin happily with sticky juice running down his chin and fingers. 

And I ate the cookie.



  1. Wonderful gift and a great tradition to celebrate in your home next year too.

  2. So sweet. The simple life seems so elusive, doesn't it? Even though it really is nothing extraordinary. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. What a great tradition! It reminds me of the gift given by my small church each Christmas to the children - a brown paper bag with an orange, apple, horehound candy stick, unshelled nuts, and chocolate drop candy. That was many, many years ago as I am an "old lady" now, but I remember really looking forward to that gift.

    Have a wonderful week-end!

  4. Hi !! Dawn what a wonderful gift so simple nice and sweet :)) have a great Day Hope everything is well ,

    Mary Chicago Il

  5. I love this tradition!!! Merry Christmas Dawn!!

  6. I read the information from the link you provided on Nikolaus. Very interesting. What a lovely gift your friend gave. I think it's a great tradition to start with Rafael.

  7. The simplest the better. How lovely!

  8. Funny story about this tradition, I think it is the one you are talking about (I read the link). Although we aren't Catholic, my niece went to a Catholic grade school. One night in December of her first year at the school, she put her shoes by the front door before she went to bed, telling her Mom her teacher said a saint would come in the middle of the night and fill their shoes with candy and treats if they were good. LOL My sister rushed to the store after she went to bed!!




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