Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter's Approach

Our walk this morning began looking like a frosty autumn day, and ended with fluffy snow flakes. Rafael couldn't stop laughing as the snow fell on his face, hands, and apple. I was overcome with a feeling of childlike wonder, and I took a deep breath, savoring the first moment of light-heartedness that I have had in what feels like a very long time.

We've been having some dark days here in our home, but I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. And walking with my laughing child through that magical curtain of snow lifted a ton of burden and worry from my shoulders.

As you may have noticed, this blog, which started out as a way of sharing my daily life with my mother who lives very far away, was placed in the Top 100 list of Mom Blogs on It came as such a pleasant surprise, and refreshed my purpose here, motivating me to keep sharing photos, thoughts, and the things I love. I know that lately I don't post as often as I should, so I just want thank you, my loyal readers, and any new ones who may just be discovering this place now, for being so forgiving, and for leaving such lovely notes. It feels incredibly good to have been blessed with recognition for something that comes from the heart!



  1. these photos are so beautiful - snow brings such magic :-)

    And congratulations on have your blog recognized!

  2. What fun walking in the snow with your little one! Congrats on your's so lovely! I hope you have brighter days ahead.

  3. Aw Dawn, I so wished I could be with you through these moments so you know you are not alone. I think of you all the time and wish that we are purposed to spend quality time together while on this earth as a family. Rafael is such a light, I love having your photo on my facebook cover and see you guys there all the time.
    Boston looks so sweet and loved, he is such a simple little guy. Boy dogs are so very different than girl dogs, I have learned now that we have a girl too, Malibu taught be about boy dogs and they really just need a little playful appreciation and they go such a long way with their loyalty and joy. Is he still sneaking to the upstairs neighbors? Remember when we thought he was missing?
    Love to see Rafael with his apple, that was such a stroke of luck to realize it's the perfect food/toy to have on walks. Whats better than a healthy round red and yellow green ball of an apple to bite into and enjoy the sweet juicy flavor of nature.
    Ooops, this got a lot longer than intended.
    I will have to call you, maybe tonight, your morning.
    Congratulations to your award, you are doing a great job writing heart language and any amount is good. Love

  4. Hi Dawn! I just popped over because I saw you listed on Babble's Top 100 list ~ I was so excited for you! That is HUGE! Then I was even more happy to see your snowy photos!!!! I ADORE SNOW and it NEVER snows here. Ugh. I'm really sorry to hear you've had some tough weeks but I hope the award lifted your spirits. And the snow too! Snow usually works for me, when I'm lucky enough to be around it. Keep your chin up and CONGRATS again ~ well deserved award!!!

  5. Dear Dawn, Congratulations on your blog recognition! You know how I love your blog... Your photos are amazing!!! Just so magical! smile..

    Thank you for sharing your life with us!


  6. I think that is one of the best things about having children, they remind us to see the world in a fresh, new way. We can feel like a kid again. And toddlers have the best laugh, like a bubbling brook.

    Sending you light to banish the dark days and wishing you and yours happiness & health,

  7. P.S.

    I have to say it again (I know I have posted it before), I love Raffi's hat!!:) Makes me smile when I see it.


  8. Oh and I LOvE the new boots...swell!

  9. Dawn, I have always loved your blog -- your view on life, the lovely photos of nature and now the darling glimpses of your son. When I first found your blog, you were hoping for this little one and I added my prayers to the many, many others. I keep popping back here to see how things are -- thanks for posting, and God bless you as you journey through life.

    Congratulations on the award, that is just wonderful.

    finally, maybe I feel a bit of a link to you, as I am a transplanted American living in Zurich, living far from most of my family, yet enjoying the beauty of this region and all the good things it offers.

  10. I hope the dark days will soon dissapper!
    I love the photo with the apple!
    Congrats on your award! I'm not a mom, but I like your blog, anyway!

  11. Beautiful photos and words, as always Dawn. xoTrina

  12. Everything is going to be okay darling girl. Just breathe...
    When you are down, get into the shower & allow the water to cascade over your head. Imagine (& feel) that each drop of water is healing you; washing away all your burdens & worries, leaving you feeling calm, peaceful & therefore open & receptive to the answers you need. Your pictures & words bring me such joy & are an inspiration to me - I am deeply grateful. Bless your beautiful heart Dawn. Take care of yourself & may 2013 be your best year yet! My best wishes to you & your beautiful family. K-L x

  13. Blogging shouldn't become stressful, it's okay and were not going anywhere!! Congrats on the nod and as always, love the photos and those boots too!

  14. I am one who has only recently discovered your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope things will look better soon in your world. The snow photos are lovely.

  15. Love hearing from you all...what an incredible community to be a part of!
    Things are looking up and today Rafael and I shared lots of laughs.

  16. Congratulations on the honor received for your blog!

    Also, sending along hugs and comfort for you during "dark times."


  17. A huge congratulations Dawn, you so very well deserve it! I love stopping by and catching glimpses of Rafael, and how big he is getting each and every day, I especially LOVE to see him with his apples.



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