Monday, April 1, 2013

Cold Spring

Happy Spring everyone! We are still covered in blankets of snow here in the Austrian countryside. It's been such a long, long winter. You all know I love the seasons, but I have had quite enough of being cold. The first wild ramsons sprouted during a row of warm days, but are now covered in snow again. Rafael and the dogs enjoy playing in snowdrifts, so I try to find joy in watching their enthusiasm. 

We are struggling a bit with the time change. Isn't it something we would all be better off without? 

So many trees were cut along our favorite way in the woods. I know they only do it when it's necessary, and the stacks of branches and logs flanking the path look beautiful, but I still mourn for the trees and wonder if any critters lost their homes.

I hope spring is blossoming wherever you are! And that it will shine it's bright colors and sunshine on us soon.



  1. Lovely photos. Thanks for the window into your beautiful corner of the world!

  2. So very much like Colorado Dawn!!! Last weekend, we were covered in snow. 8 inches---this past weekend, our Easter was sunny and warm. Tomorrow, we're supposed to be quite cold again...

    It will be warm soon, and all this snow will lead to more green!


  3. I could not agree more about Winter, I love it but I am growing weary of it now.

    Beautiful photos. Enjoy your day, Elizabeth

  4. Dawn! Can't wait to see you this summer in California! You look so sweet on this photo...I really miss you.

  5. Spring is coming later to us here, too. This is one time I don't object since last summer had such record-breaking heat!

    These are beautiful photos, Dawn.

    Oh, I totally agree with you on the time change!

    I love following your blog!

  6. So lovely hearing from you all! I've missed you. :)

  7. This is an impatient time of year, isnt it? Your home and countryside are so beautiful though....and all your pups and your lovely little one! Too precious :)

  8. Dear Dawn, here in Krete the weather is wonderful and right now we are having 24 degree! I wish the weather would stay this way for long because summers are really hot down here. My son in England is struggling with snow and wind! Take a little walk down here with little Rafael,you'll be my guests!

  9. Snow here too today in Pennsylvania - so much for April! I can't wait to get digging in the dirt and plant some flowers soon...

  10. wow! i love those photos :D amazing!!




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