Friday, August 23, 2013

Late Summer

Looking back on recent posts, I am struck by what a beautiful summer we have been having, and what a special childhood my little boy is enjoying. In the day-to-day, it's easy to start thinking life is a chaotic string of events, and that I am not doing a very good job at this thing called parenting. Add to that the uncertainty that comes when every single person has a different way of being a mother, and feeling those pangs of self-doubt when I let Rafael play with my iphone while we're grocery shopping as an alternative to discussing why we can't buy a package of toy cars every time we're at the supermarket. 

Then I look over these photos, and think about how much my boy and I laugh, and cuddle, and all the hilarious things he says, and how he throws himself onto me in the mornings, and grabs my face with both of his hands to look into my eyes and give me kisses. And I know I am doing something right.

Not everything, but something.

The mornings are cold, and days are noticeably shorter. The first bright orange pumpkins are piling up at the farmer's market, along with sunflowers and corn. In the forest I found the first little mushrooms sprouting up along the side of the path, as well as a piece of egg shell fallen from a nest, and a little toad soaking in a murky puddle. We made, and ate, a big apple-blackberry crumble. The tiny crabapples on the three trees in the garden are slowly turning from green to red.

I went through my cold-weather clothing and had to pack away a big pile of things that no longer fit after my weight-loss, so I'm going shopping for a fall wardrobe this afternoon. Maybe I'll find some cute things worthy of sharing here. It's no surprise that autumn is my favorite season to dress for!



  1. Oh, what fun! Shopping!!

    Your pictures are wonderful, Dawn. Rafael is precious!


  2. Sounds like you are redirecting him with your iphone which, IMO, is completely OK! Little kids can't handle huge discussions all the time. Sometimes parents talk their kids to death and they are simply too little to grasp everything. Redirecting little kids is a great tool. Plus, honestly, he is probably learning A LOT when he uses your phone.


  3. I adore your photos! Always. Yes, you must be doing something right. :)

  4. Beautiful photos as always, Dawn. And please don't think you aren't a good mother! Your son is clearly your life! You've exposed him to the beauty of nature since he was an infant, everyday. That is more than most mothers do, believe me ♥

  5. Gosh, I wish I could see and hug you. How much weight did you loose? Are you feeling healthy? Thats reall ythe main thing. I do wish you come visit me in California soon...Raffi is growing up so beautifully and is so precious. Can't wait to see you all...soon.



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