Thursday, August 8, 2013

My New Daily Rhythm

A while back I began getting up early and taking jogs, as often as I could. As a result, combined with dieting, I lost thirty pounds. I have since loosened up a little on the diet, as I am currently just trying to maintain my weight and not lose any more. But I still get up regularly to have some active time for myself.

Up until now, I headed out alone, and jogged around town, sweating and blasting upbeat music in my ipod. And then, a few days ago, a combination of things changed my daily rhythm. One of these things was the fact that, after 9 in the morning, it was already sweltering hot, and walking the dogs at that time with Rafael was not very enjoyable. The second thing was that, Raffi was getting a little bored with our morning routine, and our friends kept asking if we wanted to join them on morning trips, which we couldn't go on because of our long, slow walks with the dogs. The third factor was, I really missed taking photos in peace. I had a big Canon macro lens just sitting in it's box, because it was too heavy for me to lug around when Raffi was with me.

So, the other day, instead of jogging alone on the sidewalk, I put the dogs on leashes, hung my camera with the macro lens attached around my neck, and headed into the woods. It was a gorgeous August morning, and early enough that the air was still comfortably mild. I power walked up a steep wooded hillside so that I would also get a little bit of a workout, and then took my time snapping photographs. Not only was I happy, the dogs were absolutely overjoyed, running and sniffing and exploring paths that would have been impossible with a stroller. 

Our morning walks in the woods aren't especially long; depending on when I wake up they are between 20 and 45 minutes. But they make a huge difference in my day, and for the dogs, and also for Rafael, who can now go to the zoo or the playground in the morning as a change of pace. 

Now that I have reached my fitness goals, I am so glad to be pursuing my creative ones; taking photos in nature is one of my favorite things in the world, and I have missed doing it regularly for quite a while now.

I also finally have a bicycle! After a pretty serious bike accident in my teen years, I was afraid to ride, but with the encouragement from my husband and friends, I hopped on again during our vacation in Salzburg and loved it so much that I got a bike when we came home. So, on cool mornings when there's a breeze, I take a nice bike ride to neighboring villages for a change of scenery. It has given me an amazing sense of freedom.

These are some photos I have taken the past few mornings. 

In the cool, shady forest on foot:

And in the sunny fields on my bike:

What a big difference this small change in daily schedule has made in my life!



  1. Gorgeous photos, Dawn! I love hearing about your days!

  2. So beautiful, particularly that last shot. WOW.

  3. Very happy to hear of this healthy change you have made. I need to make some serious changes and could use some encouragement. I too would like to be active and eat more healthily ... I just need that kick in the butt. I've made a plan but now I need to implement it (when we move in the new house next week).

  4. Variety is the spice of life. Each of you needs some variety!

  5. Dawn,
    Beautiful photos! I have a question about Kiki and Boston. Do you trim their hair in the summer? If so, does it impact the quality of their hair when it grows back?


  6. first of all, CHEERS To you for making this change and taking care of yourself...yay yay yay!!! and also...for reaping the benefits from it (lost weight, more energy, mental clarity, etc etc etc). And second of all...THANK YOU for the encouragement. I think as a stay at home momma & "house manager" per say...we tend to let ourselves go....our needs tend to be birthed out when the baby comes and it isn't until a breaking point when we realize, all we really need is a short period of time (Daily i might add) to meditate, pray, be in silence, with our own souls again...and life is birthed right back into us!!! I am so struggling with this...and getting my mr. on board...but i know we'll find our rhythm and one day the sun will be shining in our corner. so thank you for the reminder, the life sharing and the gentle encouragement to seek well being....and to do it sooner than later. I needed this. Hugs and high fives from the land of Wisconsin!! xo

  7. Oh Dawn I love your photos...and congratulations on your weight loss! That is great way to do it! Your! I love it!! I use to ride every day (years ago) and it always felt so good!!


  8. So NICE! Great photos and thanks for sharing the small steps to health and well being.
    So GLD to see you back on a



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