Wednesday, October 9, 2013

At Home

Considering all of the nature photos on this blog, it would seem we live in the forest. But we actually do spend a lot of time in our cozy little home. 

Here are a few photos I took today, walking around our place. 

Chestnuts, acorns, and other things Rafael and I have found on our walks, along with a tiny white pumpkin that an elderly lady gave Raffi from her garden. He plays with it a lot....he loves his little pumpkin. So it's a bit scraggly already. Maybe you noticed the little beech flower with the white felt mother-in-law made it, and I find it so so sweet.

Some of my favorite books, which I use to press leaves...

Raffi has some of his fall books on display in his room. His favorite right now is Happy Halloween Curious George. I gave it to him so that he might understand Halloween when we celebrate it this year.

This boy adores children's books and magazines. Here he is this morning, during one of his reading marathons. Sometimes he is in his room looking at his books and magazines for over an hour.

Rafael has a lantern, a rabbit-shaped night light, and this little Winnie the Pooh flashlight. Because it is getting dark so early, we like having little lights that we take with us on evening walks. I think it's especially important to create little traditions for cold weather and short-days. Lighting candles at dinner, turning up the heaters before bath time, taking a thermos of hot cocoa or tea on walks.

Tiny baby-boo pumpkins and a handmade autumn garland from a generous and thoughtful friend. 

And of course many, many pumpkins, in all shapes and colors. I seem to bring one home ever day in fall.

I try my best to make this brand-new apartment feel like an old house with character. One fortunate factor is that we have the corner apartment, nestled into the woods, with a river bending around one side. Of course I dream of some day owning an old renovated farmhouse, with lots of history and charm. But for now, I am grateful to have our warm, safe home, which we have filled with love and our own stories, day by day. 



  1. Τhis posting may not be about the forest or nature, but they have crept in every photo and apparently in your house!!!!!!It's obvous you love nature very much: the forest treasures, the f for fox cushion, the pumpkins everything scream nature! So ,I don't find much difference in this posting! You can't escape your nature and the nature! :)

  2. I cant believe how big your little boy is getting! Time sure has flown! We're expecting a boy this winter :)
    Love the peek at your autumn home, I am a Gladys Taber fan as well!~

  3. What a lovely post, Dawn! It is so good that Raffi enjoys books! xo

  4. Love your home--so inviting--I see you like Gladys Taber. Me too! Love the pumpkins and of course little Rafael reading is wonderful! ♥

  5. Thanks for sharing snapshots of your lovely home! I love that Raffi loves to read. My daughter is already a little book worm! And all of your pumpkins are gorgeous. I know, I can't resist them either.

  6. Just found your lovely blog! I hope you back all your posts up to show your kids someday! A special gift you will have for them! Happy Autumn looks like your having fun!

  7. Everything looks wonderful, Dawn. I do miss your kitchen photos! Love your kitchen.:)


  8. You remind me of me! A cute craft is to string leaves and hang a garland of them.
    Try this page:
    and this one:

  9. I love those books - takes me back to when I was a kid! And the decor too...very rustic and American... I always feel happy when I come and visit your blog! xxx



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