Sunday, October 27, 2013

Simple Happy Things

Simple, happy things: 

- Chewy homemade Oreo brownies under a glass dome, surrounded by pumpkins and pressed leaves

- Walks in the autumn woods with friends and family

- A friend's gift of farm-fresh apples, packaged in a simple brown box

- Rafael snacking spicy lebkuchen cookies and milk at the kitchen counter

- Bright leaves falling everywhere, covering everything

- Sweet carrots from the farmer's market, scrubbed clean and served with hummus in an old teacup

- My two-year-old son, immersed for hours in nature

- Kiki catching leaves mid-flight in the air, and chasing them on windy days

- The loving bond between Raffi and his cousins

- Peeking in on my little boy napping, cuddled into his cowboy bedding

I have been taking so many photos lately that I can hardly keep up with the photoshop editing and blogging. So much beauty out in the woods....if Rafael didn't have to nap in the middle of the day we would be in the forest from dawn til dusk! 



  1. you leave me in awe with your beautiful photos...I really get a feel of how peaceful and lovely it is there in your woods. So many things to be happy about.......

    xo Sarah

  2. Such beauty surrounds you, Dawn! You are truly blessed! xo

  3. Your photos are always so inviting! What kind of pumpkin is that, the little on left of the brownies? So cute!!

  4. Love the glass-domed brownies nestled between the pumpkins! ...And all the beautiful shots of rosy-cheeked Raffi soaking up every minute of your incredible fall surroundings. Thank you so much for sharing, Dawn!
    xxx Judy in So. CAL

  5. Raffi is going to be a heart breaker! He is so darling and cute!



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