Monday, October 21, 2013

The Most Out Of Life

"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure."
-William Feather

I have days when I feel that I am not doing enough, not making enough out of my life. I am sure there are so many people who feel this way, and I believe a lot of it has to do with the fact that, through social media, we see all the things other people are doing, achieving, and acquiring. All the things other people are cooking, crafting, remodeling, improving, and creating. It can be inspiring. And also overwhelming. 

I am doing my best, and when I remind myself of this, I can, for at least a little while, forgive myself for not being the mom who wakes up early to bake scones; the one who bakes all her own bread and tends a huge organic garden, all while raising five children and running a successful, impeccably designed etsy shop filled with her beautiful, ornate handmade things. She's probably writing and illustrating a cook book too. And has thousands of followers on her blog. And lives in a renovated old farmhouse. All things I think I should be doing and having, and don't. All things I think would make my life complete, make me whole, make me happy. But can't I decide to be complete, whole, and happy right now, in this very moment?

I have so much to be grateful for, and when I have an attitude of gratitude, I can breath again. 

When I focus on what my best is at this moment, and stop looking around at what other people are doing, I feel so much better!

When I forgive myself for not being perfect, I can move on and just keep doing my best. 

My life is a series of constant blessings. When I remember to think of it as such, the feelings of inadequacy and frustration drop away. 

We are enjoying gorgeous, golden days here. It's incredible, living a life in a peaceful country, with enough of everything, with a roof, a family, friends, time, food, love. For all these things, I am grateful!



  1. This post has warmed my heart. Thank you. I try to keep a gratitude journal to focus on staying present and positive. Hoping to post about it soon :) Thank you again! -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I love your blog, it has to be my favorite because of all the beautiful nature photos! You live in the most beautiful place! Sometimes I think maybe if I lived in Europe I'd be happier, lol! I compare myself to others too and their beautiful blogs full of things and your blog is always just refreshing! Spending time in nature and with your son is the most important thing! :)

  3. Dawn, I tend to have some of the same "wonderings" at times, and my life is full of joys! Raffi is a beautiful little boy, and you give him love and stability. That is at the top of the list, in my opinion. You've a beautiful blog! xoNellie

  4. Dawn, I don't always comment but I really love your blog. I am your neighbor to the West, here in Switzerland. I love it when the sun decides to shine on these beautiful October days. But on my best days tromping in the forest I've never seen a cute little pig like these :-)

    Gratitude and keeping a perspective of thankfulness is so important. Thank you for the message in this lovely post.

  5. You are molding a life for the future and that is a remarkable and worthy job. Never feel you are not doing enough.

  6. I've always loved your blog and your photos are both beautiful and inspiring.But are you not afraid of meeting wild bore in the wood.I've heard they can be extremely dangerous.
    Mamma Carla

  7. No worries, they were behind fences at a nature park, yes I would be very afraid meeting one wild in the woods!

  8. Yes, it's very hard sometimes to not compare or to feel like you don't have enough or aren't doing enough. I used to struggle with this until I realized, I don't want it all. I want exactly what I have. It made me really look hard at the blogs I read ... now I carefully choose ones that are more real, like my own life.

    I'm so happy to have found's very peaceful and pleasant here.

    Enjoy the fall....there is so much to be grateful for

    xo Sarah

    1. That's a very good idea Sarah. So glad to hear you feel at home and comfortable here!

  9. I remember seeing an interview of Martha Stewart talking about when she first started her homemaking empire. She admitted that she had to have a professional come in and rip out her whole kitchen because she had done it herself and it was horribly wrong. Then she talked about her first appearance on a TV show. She was showing people how to have a small smokehouse at home, I think it was a segment on a morning show. She said less than 5 minutes after the camera stopped rolling (they were live), the smokehouse blew up and she was lucky she didn't catch fire! Of course, she said, no one knew any of this was going on at the time, but years later, she could laugh about it.

    My point is.... what we see probably isn't 100% true or nearly the whole story. People are just people. And no one is perfect, no matter how much they want us to think they are.:)

    Love the picture of Raffi. And your outfit is adorable!

    BTW - I bet you have a lot of people that think you have a pretty wonderful life that they can't compete with... gorgeous husband (I gotta say he is really cute), precious child, you are a great Mom, you live in a wonderful area, talented artist and blogger with a dedicated fan base, and two picture perfect dogs.

    Take care,

  10. Yes, yes, yes! You make wonderful points, Dawn. Just remember that when others' lives seem to be perfect, it is just an illusion. There is no perfection, therefore you need not forgive yourself for being imperfect. From where I sit, it looks like you have a wonderful life. I love your photography, by the way. Stunning.

  11. such gorgeous photos (once again). That boar is so sweet looking :)
    I also loved seeing pictures of YOU! For some reason, I just love seeing photos of the author of a blog- it's always the children (who are sweet I should say), but it's also lovely to see YOU!
    I'm happy to hear that you are being gentle and forgiving of yourself. I went down a bad road this morning (comparing myself to someone else) and it wasn't pretty. I kept repeating in my mind, "comparison is the thief of joy".
    Love to you! xox

  12. Hello! Dawn, I haven't responded for ages but I always check in to see how you are going. You look absolutely wonderful by the way and your photos are consistently magnificent. I come to here, eager to see the beautiful photos of your walks. I too find peace and inspiration here. I have been struggling with these thoughts myself but especially of late. You are not alone. It’s so easy to get caught up in looking outside our lives & wanting what we don’t have. There is always going to be someone we perceive to have more -- but it’s only more stuff. I’m a stay at home mum & because I don’t work or have the additional income, I have to continuously remind myself about the things that are really important to me. I choose to be home because this is where my priorities are. I am living my dream raising my healthy, wonderful children & looking after my husband but it is amazing how I question that after speaking with mums whom are working and whom seem –from the outside, to have it all. When the green eyed monster strikes, I find it comforting to remind myself of the sheer blessing it is to have 3 healthy, happy children. I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was a child and it comforts me to remember how simple, yet rich their lives were and that that was my dream all along. Bless your beautiful heart. Let’s enjoy the now. Thank you for the inspiration xoxo

    1. I love that Little House is your's mine, too! Thank you for your sweet, thoughtful words!



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