Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rafael is 4 Months Old!

Yesterday my husband gave me the nicest compliment...he told me that it's obvious that I love being a mom, and that I am really good at it...that I am so nice to Raffi....that he loves me. Wow....I still feel wrapped up in the warming love of those words. It's a sensational feeling to have your dedication and hard work be recognized and appreciated. 

Rafael screamed so much this afternoon. I tried everything: breast feeding, playing with him, undressing him (he loves being naked), walking around with him, talking to him, holding him, massaging his belly. Nothing helped for long. I finally wrapped us up and stepped out into the fresh air on the terrace. That calmed him down a little. Then I decided to run a bath for him, as this always seems to relax him. I have his car seat placed on a chair by the heater in the bathroom, and I put him in it and ran his bath, humming a song as the water poured down. When I turned around to get him, he had fallen asleep. So now he is in his car seat by the heater in the bathroom, sleeping.

Four months that feel like a year. Sometimes I'm amazed how quickly Rafael is growing; other times, I feel like he has been with us forever and am surprised how young he still is. So many things I've learned and so many more still ahead! So many beautiful, intimate moments with my baby, and so many sweet moments waiting in our future.


ETA: The birthday boy ended up having a fever...looks like he caught the stomach virus I had. Poor little guy! Needless to say, he didn't try his first foods today as we were planning. Let's hope he is feeling better soon!


  1. happy 4 months gorgeous boy! I love how alert and interested he looks in his pictures, like he's exploring the world around him! Oh and I just love that he says "mama" when he cries. I remember Noah doing that, it was just the sweetest noise I had ever heard (except for the first time I heard his heart beat at the midwives)
    An idea....We bought a white noise machine for Noah when he was having troubles sleeping. It plays 6 different sounds, I like the ocean waves the best. It's just that quiet simple non-distracting noise in the background that seems to help. We now use it for Katia when she is over tired/over stimulated but is having a hard time falling asleep. I just walk around a darkened room with her, have her wrapped in a blankie and put the noise machine on. Sometimes it helps...sometimes not. Something that may help Raffi when he is over tired. We got ours at Walmart for 20$, you can often find them in drug stores.

  2. Thanks so much for the tip Johanna! :)

  3. What priceless shots that will forever tell his story! Time is passing so fast, enjoy each day! Hope he feels better soon, nothing worse than a sick baby!

  4. It's amazing how his face has changed-still the prettiest baby however!
    Happy birthday to your sweetheart!Enjoy every moment!

  5. the second pic says he is your baby happy 4months and get well soon Raf

    you make Dawn become more and more a wonderful mamma

    ciao Mada

  6. Is it possible that he gets cuter and cuter with each picture? So adorable. Playing music is what helped when my niece was upset and nothing else seemed to be wrong. Something relaxing, and then I would rock her or pace the floor, back and forth - LOL. Classical was always a good choice, but listen to it before you play it for him because even slow, soft music can have points where it gets to fast or loud. Sounds like common sense, but there were a few times that I didn't preview the songs and a loud part woke her up.

    It is so cute that he cries for you when he is upset. To me, that means that he knows you are there for him, will help him, and love him. That is a secure, well loved baby.

    Enjoy it all!!

  7. Oh, poor little peanut! I hope he gets better soon. He's so adorable:). I'm curious- what foods will you be starting with? It's so fun to see their reactions when they try new things. One of the first foods I gave Ben was avacado. To this day (a whole 11 months later;)), it is one of his favorite foods. He will gobble up half an avacado in a sitting, if I'll let him:). Enjoy this new stage!! xox, Blair

  8. What a sweet post filled with loving, joyful words and wonderful pictures of this little gift that has blessed your life. I am enjoying watching him and you grow. What sweet words from your DH.

    Love and hugs to the three of you ~ FlowerLady

  9. Oh Dawn...what a sweet little boy he is... I'm so sorry he is not feling well, will keep him in my prayers for a speedy recovery. Can you believe he is 4 months already! Our great granddaughter will be 4 months old on the 23rd...the is such an amazing time isn't it?

    Blessings dear friend and sweet little guy!
    xoxo Gert

  10. Happy Four Months to sweet baby Rafael!

  11. Raffi looks so big, and adorable as always. I hope he feels better soon, he may be starting to get his first tooth soon though, my son had a fever every single time he was about to get one, and it was around this age too. Happy 4th months little man, you do have a great mama.

  12. Has it been 4 months already? Wow - time flies! He's looking very bright and cheerful in these photos! What a lovely compliment from your husband. I bet it really helps to hear such things! xxx

  13. Raffi is so stinking cute! He is going to be one lady killer, that one. Happy 4 months to you both! xo

  14. Poor Raffi! I hope he is feeling better you think it may be teeth? My girls both ran fevers and were not feeling well while teething:(. They are both home from school today with bad colds...yuck. Raffi is such a sweet baby....give him an extra cuddle from me!

  15. He is a beautiful child. Cherish him.

    So sweet and funny...Dawn, thank you.
    Love you and Rafael so much!



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