Friday, January 20, 2012

Some Favorite Things In January

Make your own tags and ornaments with homemade salt dough, alphabet stamps, and paint.
Recipe here.

The breathtakingly beautiful Swedish home of a blogger named Julia. All of her text is in Swedish, but you actually don't need to understand anything...the photos speak for themselves.
The pictures of her home, garden, and family, just fill me with inspiration and happiness.
Visit her blog, Julias Vita Drommar, here.

These DIY tea bags for Valentine's Day gifts. So simple and sweet!
Find the instructions here.

This handmade canvas backpack. Just think of all the things you could fit in here for hikes in the wilderness! Camera, snacks, thermos....Available here.

This newspaper snippet. Hehehe. Originally posted here.

This book! My mom sent it to me and it's great. It also has a very easy format for someone who has to dip in and out as time (i.e. baby) allows. You can find it for yourself or some new parents you know here.

This woman's pantry makeover, which you can see here.  Our pantry is in absolute chaos right now and I really hope Ramon will help me organize it this weekend. This woman's pantry is a great inspiration.

This quote from the amazing singer Adele.
In this month of New Year's resolutions, I can relate to her words.
Life isn't about being skinny.
At least it shouldn't be!
Here's to all the women who, despite so much pressure from all around (even other women!), don't lose sight of all of the great things about them and about their lives that are so much more important than fitting into a certain size of jeans.



  1. Great post and once my coffee is done, I'll be checking out those links, the swedish kitchen looks amazing!! I love Adele too!

  2. I Love your post thanks for sharing the baby book and all the wonderful ideas that you add on your post

    Have a Lovely evening :) Mary

    Ps Here in Chicago we are having a snow storm

  3. thanks for that
    I think you might like this:

    1. I love all your favorites Dawn!The tea bags for Valentine's Day so sweet!I love Adele is a simple girl with a huge talent!An example for a lot of girls!

  4. I love all these wintery/homey/parenting links...thank you for sharing these. And the Adele quote is awesome. I wonder what Nicole Richie thinks of that! Ha!

  5. Always a pleasure to read your blog Dawn. Even though my children are grown and I don't yet have any grandchildren I find your tips great! I'm going to send that book "How to Have Your Second Child First" to a new mom along with the baby gift. Would be heavenly to have a pantry that size to organize. Thanks for links, it's fun to see what other people are doing with their spaces.



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