Saturday, January 21, 2012

Raffi's First Meal

Rafael recovered quickly from his fever a few days ago and today we decided it was time for him to try his first food. He sits on my lap while I eat and has been more and more interested in what I'm doing. Last night he even grabbed my fork and tried to eat the piece of dumpling on the end of it!

I bought wonderfully sweet organic carrots at the farmer's market and prepared them by peeling them, and then steaming and mixing them in a fantastic machine which can do both.

Once it cooled I took him on my lap and thought I would carefully bring a spoonful to his mouth. I expected him to spit it out at first. Instead he immediately opened his mouth wide and began chomping down carrot puree like no one's business! 

When his little bowl was empty he got upset and wanted more. But I froze what was left over because we had to see how his stomach would take this new kind of nourishment. Now, at the end of the day, we know...he handled it great!

More carrots tomorrow, and then we're trying parsnips.

I can't believe how quickly my tiny baby is becoming a little boy.


P.S. Thanks to my hubby for taking pictures of these monumental moments!


  1. Happy first meal to Rafael! What great photographs to treasure of this very special moment.

  2. This is another sweet installment in this new adventure in your life as parents to adorable little Raffi.


  3. Dawn, you and your husband have captured a great moment in Rafael's life, one that you both can look back over and over again. I still do with mine, and love remembering those first meals....truly special. I'm glad to hear he enjoyed it!


  4. Those are the sweetest pictures!


  5. Dawn, I have just caught up on some of your recent posts. How lovely is that snowfall! Where I am here in the States, we seldom have snow.
    That is an exciting milestone for Raffi - his first solid food - and wonderfully prepared healthy carrots, at that! It sounds as though he knows
    what to do with food!:-)

  6. i am glad to hear he is feeling better. what a great new leaf, his first food- how sweet that he wanted more!

  7. oh wow, what a big boy!!!! that carrot puree looks so vibrant and fresh...I think you'll love making baby food, it's so fun! have fun with your big boy mama!

  8. Oh, that is so cute!! Just like a man...he scarfed it down and was ready for more:). I love the little bowl and spoon, too! Xo

  9. Oh so sweet. You'll treasure these photos and your blog now and in the years to come .

  10. Congratulations to your little boy!! xxx



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