Friday, January 9, 2009

"Asking God to give you something good is just like sitting in front of a spring and asking it to quench your thirst. Good is given to you; you should know how to use it." -Tolstoy

I love Tolstoy's stern voice. It's almost like he's saying, "Quit whining like a baby and get real! You've been blessed with everything you need! Make it happen!"
This is advice I can use more often than not. After an admitted hiatus from painting and writing, I am determined to take the talents which have been given to me, or the 'good' as Tolstoy puts it, and dedicate myself once again to my book. My husband has given me the valuable opportunity to stay home and be creative; what a waste it would be to just let the days go by without honouring this special chance! During my daily walk this morning, I was filled with new ideas for my book; it was almost like there was an urn of inspiration pouring its contents into my head. I came home now, enthused and determined. Doing something with the gifts God gives you is probably the best way to thank Him.

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