Sunday, January 11, 2009

"It is winter, and it will be spring again. We have known other winters, and survived them."
-Hal Borland

It is so cold today that we didn't think we'd go far on our walk. But we came upon a new path, pictured here, and it was so serene and beautiful that we ended up forgetting time and the cold for a while. After exploring this new way a while, we made our way back through a thin, heavily wooded path which would eventually lead back out into the open field we know, when we saw these red berries. It was like finding treasure; splashes of bright colour in a muted world of white, grey, and brown. Despite the low teperature and lack of colour in the landscape, there was a simple beauty in the blanket of frost and glassy snowflakes. The tall, pale-golden grasses which lined the icy roads were all thickly coated in white. No birds sang. It was completely silent. 

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