Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"A man has to live with himself, and he should see to it that he always has good company."
-Charles Hughs

Freezing cold today, as the trees in the photo above shows. It's hard to believe things will ever be green again, or that it will some day be warm enough to go out in a t-shirt. While trying to fall asleep last night, my head was filled with fantasies of a lush garden, overflowing with hollyhocks, sweet peas, nasturtium, and sunflowers. For now I'll have to make due with bouquets and indoor plants, like the red amaryllis which is in full bloom on the window sil. I don't know how people kept sane in winter before there were florists.


  1. OMG...Kiki is sooo cute! I miss you guys sooo much..Love YM

  2. NIce pic..gets across the silent atmosphere of winter rest.'s so special.



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