Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Quite an adventurous walk this morning. Gerit and her lovely big dog Gömbi joined us, and we ended up taking a new route which snaked through the white forest for over an hour and a half. At one point we came upon a small natural water source bubbling from the ground, guarded by a half-circle of twigs and leaves, pictured here. The pool was full of rotting leaves, but once we cleared them out the dogs had a small drink. We also found this intricate, ice covered spider web in the gaping mouth of a tree trunk, surrounded by low plants which Gerit swears are a kind of wild blueberry. We made a point of remembering the spot for summer. Kiki had a wonderful time chasing Gömbi up and down the hillsides while Gerit and I talked about dogs and plants and stuck mainly to the path. At one point, deep in the woods, we noticed a part of the creek was completely frozen over. Supposedly it will get warmer in two days, which means slush and mud, but also means a nose and chin that don't feel like they will fall off any moment. Now Kiki is sleeping, snoring loudly, on the stuffed chair in the living room. I yanked up the heat when we got back so we could thoroughly unthaw. I am sure she will sleep for at least two hours. That's when you know you've taken your dog on a proper walk. 


  1. You sure Kiki needn't wear her sweater or coat in the cold out and about? Just though I share my concerned grandma voice:)

  2. don't worry, kiki has been blessed with the warmest, most natural thick fur coat. plus she was running the whole time. i put a sweater on her when i know we'll be standing around, waiting for a bus or meandering at the farmers market.



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