Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Garden of Content

"It depends on how much love we give out, as to what tune we hear, for if we love well, we live well and happily, stepping briskly to an inspiring tune." -Emily Ridgway

I ordered this wonderful old book from abebooks and the description noted that there was a handwritten dedication on the first page. I was just as excited to receive the book itself as I was to read what some person unknown to me had written for a loved one almost 100 years ago. Holding the same book in their hands as me. 
The inscription reads like this:

Ethel Moss
With love & every good wish
From G. Ellis
April 19, 1916

Be True

Thou must be true thyself
If thou the truth wouldst teach
Thy soul must overflow if thou
Another's heart wouldst reach
It needs the overflow of heart
To give the lips full speech.
Think truly and thy thoughts
Shall the world's famine feed
Speak truly and each word of thine
Shall be a fruitful seed
Live truly and thy life shall be
A great and noble deed.

Doesn't it make you wonder who G. Ellis was? And who Ethel Moss was, as well? Do you also wonder what the occassion was, and what their relationship was? We'll never know. All we know is that after many years, this copy was placed in my hands, and I shall pass it down one day, too.
The other day on a walk in the fields something caught my eye. Could it be? Two five-leaf clovers, growing right beside one another. I picked them and pressed them between book pages. Now they are safe in my Emily Ridgway book, a small treasure which may hold meaning; after all, people have speculated for a long time that I will one day bare twins. So what do you think, are the twin five-leaf clovers a sign?


  1. What a lovely book. I am very precious about second hand things that have a history, as I am awfully sentimental and romantic and it is great for the planet too.

    Do identical twins run in the family? Non-identical twins are pot luck so fingers and toes crossed!


  2. Yep, identicle twins run in our family. Both of my grandmothers were twins, and my husband's grandmother is also a twin. Pretty crazy, huh? Well, we'll see what the Universe has in store for us. I am open for it!

  3. WOW...FIVE leafed clover? And TWO?
    Those won't just be twins, they'll be like Buddha and Jesus both born at the same time in our family...can't wait to be the Granny-Nanny.



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