Monday, June 22, 2009

A Piece of Autumn in June

"When the days begin to shorten, soon after solstice on June 21st, a tree reconsiders its leaves." -A Natural History of the Senses (taken from Susan Branch's book 'Summer')

The weather has suddenly turned and we woke to a cold, misty morning. I put on a few layers and hooked the dogs to their leashes, kissed hubby goodbye and set out into the wet fields, where there was a fine sprinkling of rain coming down. I found a few golden leaves in the grass, and the wheat fields were beautiful against the pewter sky. The dogs were especially quiet, picking carefully through the tall grass, seeming to feel the melancholy of the morning. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and it felt like nature was giving me a small preview of the beauty to come. 


  1. awwwwe, my sweet just love autumn so much! IT loves you back:) with harvest bounty and bright colors, cozy days in and invigorating walks out. Best, of course, my birthday...!:)

  2. Yaaa! Hope you will be here for us to celebrate it together this year and many years to come! Wow, I am so excited about you moving here...



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