Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Cottage?

I wanted to share a couple of photos of the little cottage we often pass by on our walks (click on a picture to enlarge and get a detailed look). The grass has grown tall and it appears empty inside, so my mind has been a whirl, imagining painting it white and planting hydrangeas all around it. It has a tiny path leading a creek in the back, and is located on the quiet border of the forest. Right next door is the local bee keeper who makes organic honey, and accross the street there are only trees, no houses. Ramon and I started fantasizing, thinking about renting an apartment and buying this little cottage as a weekend and vacation getaway. I imagined putting in a tiny kitchen, a lots of beds so guests can come too. Everything would be white with only splashes of color. We could have BBQs, and friends and family from out of town could stay there when they visited. Since I am pretty sure it's empty, I'm going to try and find out who owns it and see what they are asking. Who knows, maybe this dream will come true?


  1. It is beautiful Dawn! I am obsessed with white painted wood and I think it would really turn it into a stunning cottage. You could make the garden into a haven for wildflowers growing tall along the hedges and then more cultivated towards the lawn, and a vegetable garden and mini orchard too. You can see it doesn’t take much before my imagination starts to run a little wild! If this fantasy does turn into a reality you know that I wouldn't mind road testing it as a guest for you!!!

  2. YEAY! Looks like the perfect spot to me too...Morwenna is right, wild flowers, beehives ( I would like to have bees and let them keep the honey, so they can pollinate and have happy lives too)...maybe even chickens? A couple of fruit trees and a yummy veggie garden...Oh Yeah! Where do I sign up? Granny-nanny



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